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Around the Block, August CKC

Monday, 5 December 2011

Santa Clause came to town.

Or at least he was expected to be at the Kid's Wrap. But he was too busy appearing at larger centers so he asked Robin to help out.

It was Robin's first experience filling in for the famous fellow. Only one child started screaming at the sight of the suit; and when Santa sat down I recognized a serious issue and quickly stepped between him and the line of children to shield their eyes from costume malfunction. 

The second hand suit was falling apart at the seams! I was horrified at the thought of children telling their parents that they knew the answer to that age old question of boxers or briefs.

We sat him on a pillow and puffed it up in the front until we could take a break at which time I taped up the inside of the costume with packing tape. I had to giggle every time Robin would grimace and  adjust his position. The tape kept grabbing at him.

The young'uns left with candy bags, Christmas stuffies and presents wrapped for everyone on their lists.

It is truly rewarding to think that we helped make Christmas memories for these youngsters.