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Monday, 20 August 2012

A first for me!

It's a blog award! The Leibster Blog Award! Given to me by Ada at Vintage Sheet Addict.Just between you and me, I am thrilled, over joyed and tickled to bits about this little bit of recognition.     

The purpose of this award is to give to novice bloggers the chance to make themselves known. It's hard to excel in the plethora of blogs and to become established. A regular readership is important to be perceived in the depths of the www. The award is to be given to bloggers who inspire you and have recorded fewer than 200 regular readers in their followers list.
Anyone who has received the award should have the pleasure to give the "Liebster Blog Award" to five other bloggers, who meet the above requirements. If you have received this award, you should do the followings:
Post the award on your blog;
Link to your Nominator, as a little thank you!
Give the award to five bloggers that have less than 200 regular followers and inform them about the award.


I would like to graciously accept this award and forward it to the following:
English ex-pat, living in Germany, wishing she was skiing in Canada, Lisa at Recklinghausen Musings.
America's design diva and fashionista; the best kept secret in the scrapbook design community, Pamage at Daily Pamage.
A pillar of support in the Scrap Happy community, and leader of unique and supportive comments left on flickr posts, (how many different ways can you say "Nice Layout"? Apparently thousands!) Leslie, at Out of the Mire.

The influence of these three ladies on my craft of scrapbooking has been immense. I can't thank them enough for the inspiration and support they have given so freely and the fun and creativity they have added to my life. I would also like to give an honorable mention to Whimsical Musings which is the co-blog of Lisa and Pamage.

Then because there is more to me than scrapbooking. (some might argue that comment) I would like to recognize:

Super fun, life embracing, wish she was my next door neighbour, lady of passion and panache, Heather at My Little Red Suitcase.

And finally, with one foot in the past, sharing photos of the heirlooms of yesterday and her finger on the mouse with a firm grasp on technology (the only one in this group with a link to her very own esty shop!), a pretty blog with served up with a twist of quirky, Mary at Ornaments by Pink.

And so my first award ceremony comes to a close. I invite you to visit these charming blogs and if they amuse or inspire you,  join them as followers.

I want to thank the academy and all the little people....wait no....that's my speech for a different award. I want to thank YOU! Yep, you right there, reading this, right now. While my little blog (any little blog for that matter) can live on indefinitely by itself in cyber space, it is your reading this, the sharing of the thoughts from one person to the other, that gives it life. Thank you for dropping by. Double thanks for comments.


  1. Aside from the honor of choosing my blog for your award I am humbled by your little description of me. Totally made me smile. Thanks for paying it forward. I will make you proud.

  2. Well done on your 1st award. I'm sure there will be more coming your way soon.

    1. Thank you Carol, and thanks for popping around.

  3. Bless you Sassy, you deserve this Award! I'll check out the blogs you mentioned later. Have a good day! Ada :)

  4. oh thank you Sassey for your lovely words, very nice to read this morning and how funny that we have doubly awarded dears to each other!! Thanks very much, it's a lovely post and I will go and visit the others. Heather xx

    1. I tried to edit my blog last night to include that but I lost internet connection. I think the satellite went to sleep. My comment was to go something like,

      Update: Just dropped by My Little Red Suitcase to share the news of the award with Heather and found that she had bestowed the same honour on me. So we are both doubly dear.

  5. Hey Sherrie! Thanks so much for the award and for the sweet words. You rock!

  6. Oh my - I am so thrilled & humbled! a la Sally Field - You like me! You really like me! Grinning from ear to ear - Leslie

    1. a la the cowardly lion, " Oh I do, I do, I do!"

  7. Good Morning (or maybe good evening ;), i dont know witch time you have)
    i thank you so much for your lovley words on my blog. The translater is a nice and very good idea, but i must find out how i can used them and witch one i have to take...
    On the blog that you told me (sillyoldsuitcase), i found out, that the lady do the translation by herself. (if i understand everything right).
    The problem is, that my english isn't not so good, i try to find a good translater gadget, but it takes i little time. Maybe i will try to write a little bit from my words in english.
    So, know i will thank you for your visit to me and say to you: Your blog is so nice! Like to be here and get your "reader". Have a good day, greetings from germany
    Britta/Frl. Pilzrausch

  8. Congratulations on your award ... your blog looks lovely ... thanks for popping by and saying hello ... Liebster is great .. lots of lovely blogs to find ... Bee xx

  9. Hey! Thanks for your lovely comment! I see, you live in Canada... Great!
    You can activate the "Google Translator" on my blog, then you can read my texts in english - of course it isn't a perfect english... ;-)
    Greets, Miriam