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Around the Block, August CKC

Saturday, 18 August 2012

A Pirate's life for me.

Or perhaps not. But a couple of days spent at a nice hotel with fresh towels and bed made daily, and excellent water pressure, (not so excellent water pressure, here on the farm) has got me yearning for a more leisurely lifestyle.  

When last I was here, we were getting ready for the Rochester Fair.  I pulled together this layout and entered it in the bench show. The judge must have liked it as I got 10 out of 10 possible points.

It is about the bike float we built for last year's parade. The theme for the fair was Pirates of the Tawatinaw River

 This year, being Rochester's centennial, there were lots of heritage displays. I set up a scrapbook demonstration and showed some vintage scrapbooks. They are in the old school style of newspaper clippings glued with mucilage into scribbler books, also made of newsprint. Deteriorating rapidly, but of infinite interest, they are a good example of why you want to use archival quality products whenever possible.

Was feeling stalled and having trouble with the patterned papers in my "Around the Block" kit as they are too happy and cheerful for pirates, so I took a few rugged, masculine looking prints along to help get the mojo to flow while demonstrating, and I made this layout.

The day after the fair, I was off to visit Mr. Muddle as he is working way too much and has very little time off. Easier for me to go to him than for him to travel home and back, in such a short time period. So whilst there, why not stay another day or two and scrap awhile?

 Oh darn, there's that problem again with the pp not working with my pirate pictures. What was really needed was treasure map paper. And since the nearest LLS is about 500 miles from the hotel, shopping was not the answer so I googled images and got inspired.

When I returned home, I got to have grandson, Cohen and little sister Beckyboo for two nights. Cohen has a passion for mazes. He had big eyes and an ear to ear grin, checking out these pages. I bet the next maze he draws will be a treasure map.

After showing him these rather cool pages that feature his pirate adventure, he was pleasantly cooperative when later, I turned popsicle time into a photo shoot.

Now lets see how the CKC kit "Around the Block" and addition kit "Best of Show" are doing. Hmmm... very little of the patterened papers made it into the layouts, they are still relatively intact. A goodly amount of the embellishments were incorporated. Also a little paint was dabbed on while using the mesh as a mask and two banners, and a rosette were fashioned from scratch. Pirate and skull related stickers and rub-ons and a stamp joined in, just for this featured event. One piece of pp was brought into the line up (Harlequin, Kimberly Poloson, Fiskars) and all the designated cardstock has been used. The photos from this event are now on pages and in an album, and that's a good thing!

After a replenishment of cardstock and a fresh stack of photos is gathered, I will be back with new layouts when we come "Around the Block" again!


  1. Wow superb collection of Pirate layouts indeed

  2. gosh Sassy, your very good at this, the treasure maps are fab, well they all are actually! very ingenious and crafty. Glad you had a nice break and some pampering! heather x

  3. Glad you had a good time Sassy! Looks like you've been very busy, bet the Grandchildren love having such a crafty grandma! Ada :)

  4. oh, I want to come to YOUR house & play! What creative pages - amazing what comes to mind when resources are limited but you have a vision :~)

    1. Michigan to Alberta is not a small trip, but head up! We are having a weekend crop here on Sept 28-30.

  5. Hi Sassy, me again! I just wanted to let you know that I have forwarded a little blog award to you over on my blog, if you would like it! Have a good week Heather x

  6. You did a great job on your pirate pages! Everyone is a winner!

  7. Hey there! I'm super late commenting on everything this month - hoping for calmer days ahead.

    your post made me laugh. especially when I think of all those distances. here in europe, we just can't relate!

    felt good to drop by, will try to do so again soon

  8. These are great pages - and your photo shoot at the end really showcases them. Well done all around. PS I always appreciate a couple of days in a hotel too - no beds to make and we get to eat out every meal!