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Friday, 24 May 2013

Messy Masking Memories

Hello friends

Did you arrive here from Candace?  If not you may want to start with Jemma, who is the first stop in this hop.

My month as guest designer for Counterfeit Kit Challenge has felt like a lovely feather in my cap. The validation of being recognized by your peers give a boost to one's self-esteem, for sure.

Have not spent a lot of time in the studio. Winter has gone on vacation. We are going to be hosting the garden club in June.But I will make up for lack of scrap production when the weather turns. Too wet, too hot, or too cold (hope that isn't until October) will chase me back inside. Or maybe too many mosquitoes. They have been on the assault this week already.

For today I would like to share a couple of layouts that were made with my favorite student. My grandson Cohen, has been scrapping (with assistance) since he was four. His style is the antithesis to mine. Ink, paint, stamps, braying, if it need water to clean it up, he's all in!

These two layouts began as art projects with the intent to just play with products. After the messy background work had been completed, they looked so good we decided to turn them into layouts. The referencing support of the backgrounds to the photos, in both examples, was completely serendipitous.

It's a boy thing. Using a stipple brush, acrylic paints and an old plastic doily. Cohen pounced the paint with some colours overlapping. Then we dropped some alcohol inks on the top corner and used a Tim Holtz stamp. The tinker-toy ferris wheel he is building is referenced in the mask and the compass in the stamp, behind Mona's image. Chipboard die-cuts, brads, titles, and washi tape round it out. The "if you dream it, you can do it." was cut up to fit onto the chip ticket.

Zuma. Once again we used pouncing. This time over a piece of metal gift wrap ribbon that has all these holes in it. Lots more alcohol ink drops and another Tim Holtz stamp. When Cohen plays Zuma, he plays to loose. He cheers and laughs as his balls fall "down the drain." Cohen drew a Zuma track around some of the alcohol drops with smooch paint. CTMH buttons are arranged like the balls in the game. Cohen added the washi tape. Gramma penned the dotted border. And sticker letters for the title because who doesn't love to play with stickers?

Scrapping with children is so extremely rewarding.  Their naivety from not knowing any "rules" brings "outside of the box" thinking to the project. It has been a struggle to contain Cohen to thinking that his canvas should have a top and a bottom, as he places multiple photos in random orientations on the same layout.   And the pages serve us twofold. Once for the memory captured in the photo(s). And again when we look at the layout and remember the time we shared making it. I am blessed, indeed.

Thus concludes the CKC blog hop. I'll be back in a week or so, with a final report on  this months kit, "Mother May I?"and the layouts produced from it.

Thanks for dropping by. Double thanks for comments.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Messy Masking

It has always taken a big push to get me to dabble in messy techniques. I much prefer snipping bits of paper and putting glue dots on buttons, to anything that requires water in the application or clean-up.

So of course, my challenge from Bethany at CKC would be a gooder. I was asked to show a masking technique.

First I created a high-tech spray booth, using a box and a utility knife. 

I cut up triangles of white cardstock. Using a wee bit of adhesive runner on each piece, I laid them out in the pattern of a banner and spritzed with olive Glimmer Mist. Then I layered the next banner and spritzed the blue. Then the third banner and spritzed on the pink Glimmer Mist.
But why do just one. The mess is already there. May as well give it a second go.
Cutting up some more triangles and again, securing them lightly, this time I used a brayer and the same colours. I preferred the "water colour" effect that was achieved with this application.

The other thing that I liked was how the little triangles turned out with their mottled mixes. They had to show up on the layouts!

Lifting from Jaine at MyStampBox.com I used this blog-banner as my inspiration,
to put together two layouts. The first on the "brayerd" version.
 Where did the time go? If I had been a memory keeper a long time ago, I would know about this picture. Where are we? Why are we there? And
who's dog is that?

In between the title words, the details, as best as I can recall are in pencil.  This was done, not with the option to change the answers, but to indicate the uncertainty of my memories.

Where: Alberta Game Farm?
Did: Possibly the Teddy Bear's Picnic
Time: Around 1985 (July or August)

The tag on the left that prompts me to  "Remember"  but with the rest of it blank to indicate my ambiguity of loss.

The bottom left was a paper napkin that I Mod Podged on, (another messy technique, yea me!) just because I liked it. Not sure that was the best direction to go but it's done now. Heavy thread on the sewing machine adds texture.

By the second layout, I must have been getting my sea-legs. I like the balance and flow much better.

Family Matters. A moment in time. Easter Sunday spent at the home of Ivan and Janice Griffin, April 4, 2010. The Griffins gather to wave goodby as we leave. What do you you call a bunch of Griffins? A group? A gaggle? Or if you consider Janice's cute laugh...A giggle of Griffins.

I snuck in one of my counterfeit Project Life cards here. and used the same stitching idea. After they were both done. I changed my mind and preferred the spritzed method as it supports the whole layout. The brayerd one appears insipid and washed out.

So my best advice, besides making your self a spray-booth to contain the mess, is to try a variation or two. If you don't like how something looks, it doesn't have to turn into a layout. You might find another use for it. I have a 12x12 sheet that didn't make the grade being used as a drawer liner in my bedside table. Or it could go to the kid's craft box or even the circular file. Just let yourself try something outside of your usual techniques and see where you go with it.

Thanks for popping by. Double thanks for comments.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

(Scr)happy Cinco de Mayo!

And welcome to the first stop in a  progressive tour of creative spaces. If you are here from Counterfeit Kit Challenge, you know the drill. If you are popping in from other directions, I hope you join in for a whirlwind tour of where the design team creates. so grab your beverage of choice and come with me to see some incredible spaces. You will come away with a least a few very good ideas for your current or future creative space.

As guest designer this month, I get to be your first host. My basement studio is about 12x30. Formerly a poorly lit "ruckus room" , we emptied the space of its contents, cleaned,repaired and painted the walls and ceiling. After adding full spectrum lighting, my upstairs studio downstairs was moved downstairs and now I can host scrappy events for the day or sometimes even overnight.

Won't you please come in?

As I close the door behind you, to the left is my store corner. I have been a Creative Memories consultant for almost four years.
 Please forgive me if I am being kind of obsessive about my lighting. There are seven of these fixtures in the room. The full-spectrum bulbs make such a difference that we are changing out all the basement fixtures to these.
 The first wall of organizers. Who doesn't love Ikea's Expedite cabinets? Will be adding doors and drawers later this year to curtail the clutter.

CTMH Inks and Pens in tower organizer.

 Next is the Cricut corner. The drawers in this desk organize the "messy technique" supplies. Two Ikea, Besta Burs stretch across the wall. They provide a display space on top and hidden storage, inside.

 Inside the first one is the Cricut paraphernalia.
Followed by Cuttlebug, Copics and other pen sets, and the Zyron I got at a charity shop for peanuts.
 This little glass cabinet is filled with...
 Harmonie mosaic squares,
And other delights.

The cardstock tower is followed by the printer stand, which is actually a microwave stand I picked up at the local "take it or leave it".  I just notice from the picture that I still have one handle on backwards.

 Next to which is another Expedite. (There are more of these upstairs in the living room where I keep finished albums) This one is holding various crafting supplies and the back-up, emergency Cricut.
 On top of this Expedite are the "cold files" Learn more about this storage system in Stacey's book.

A fabric tote/file box is used to organize and store my Creative Memories pallets.
Above this, the second Besta Burs holds arylic stamps. I use Stampin' Up's plastic storage boxes to keep them organized. On the right side are CTMH stamps and more random craft supplies.
 The sewing nook is followed by the TV corner. Fabric stash is in another room
Top shelf keeps my monster guillotine out of reach of little people.
 Closet storage is next. Followed by the library.
 Tens of thousands of photographs to choose from.

Old photos are in decade boxes. Newer ones are in Creative Memory picfolios.
In the library are books and magazines, mostly on scrapbooking, but other crafty goodness as well. This camera is the first one I ever used.
 The Double D Diva award was presented to me after collecting over 400 bras to send to Mexico for breast cancer survivors. Sometimes I slip on my tiara while I am scrapping.
 Little people are always welcome. Tickle trunk for dress up. Tea party toys and lots of books in these cupboards.
We have made our way around the room and you are probably eager to see my work station.
 I expect you are asking by now, "Where did you get those?"
 You can find these incredible drawer units at http://www.bestscrapbookshelf.com/

Under the hutch shelf, We added a restaurant chit rail. I use it to hold photos and other bits that need to be kept safe and available. There are also chit rails under four of the light fixtures. Guests can hang their finished layouts to be admired. The original artwork to the left of the hutch was painted by a high-school girl with incredible talent. Below it is a desk top photo printer. And a Pampered Chef swivel utensil organizer keeps the critical tools super handy.
 It would be nice at this point to have a wide angle lens, But here are the "four corner" views of the room.
 Using folding tables, (that were moved out for photographing the room) up to five people can set up and scrap their socks off.

Future plans for this space involves having a proper floor installed. And to continue to re-organize and improve the storage systems. And to scrap. Yep, mustn't forget that.

Thanks for hanging out with me today. Hope you enjoyed the grand tour. Next we can all go over to Andreas at http://snappingmonsters.blogspot.com/

Have a happy, scrappy, 5th of May. 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Mother May I?

May is a great month.
Warm weather, garden season begins, Mother's day, and I have the inestimable honour of being asked to be a guest on the design team for Counterfeit Kit Challenge.

This is my tenth kit with CKC. I am super delighted to be the guest designer for May. After lurking around the site for the better part of a year, I jumped in last July and have not looked back as each month I discover new ways to exercise those scrappy muscles, and develop my personal style.

This month the inspiration kit is actually two kits. Shore Line and Totally Rad and are from Poly! Scraps

I approached the recreation of this kit in my typical literal manner.  What item do I have that most closely resemble the colour, energy and style of each item in the kit?

And the resulting collection is called "Mother May I?"
This compilation reminded me of a photo taken in my grandmother's living room. This one is  from the early '80s  of my daughter, my mother and both of my grandmothers.
Don't you just adore the wall paper and the crochet pillow in the middle? On the left is a needle point pillow. And the ubiquitous, made in Mexico, over the sofa painting. That red and white thing hanging in the middle is a light-up plastic star decoration for Christmas. Gleaming hardwood floors too. The sofa is a soft, nice to touch, velvet. Likely a rayon blend.  The ceramic doll in front of the lamp, is painted to look like a Spanish dancer. The table lamp(s) my grandmother had before the one showing here, had crystal drops. I bet the replacement was chosen for its ease of dusting.

And now to the kit contents:

Patterned Paper:
Basic Grey, Boxer, Low-rise
My Mind's Eye, Stella & Rose, Mabel "So Sweet" Herringbone
Foofala, copyright 2005, Item 47063. I didn't start to scrapbook until 2006 so it has not been in my stash for eight years. I swear on it!
Basic Grey, June Bug, Aggie, side B
Blue circles, manufacturer unknown (muk)
7 Gypsies, Messina
Dream Street Papers, Delight, Enchantment
Basic Grey, Boxer, Skinny Jeans
My Mind's Eye, Lost &Found, Blush "Princess" Pintuck
Green Floral, muk
And while no cardstock is called for in the kit, you know there is plenty on hand.

Basic Grey, Chipboard Stickers, Max & Whiskers
Basic Grey, Cappella, Mini Mono Stickers. They are not really mini, though. More like 1" tall.
Basic Grey, Blush, Sticker letters.
Also have a bit of leftover American Craft, Thickers that look like the style in the kit. They are the leftovers of two different coloured sets that I covered in dark brown to give them new life. Will incorporate them whenever possible.  Cover-up disclosed here.

And then the delightful bits:
Title Stickers; Close to my Heart, Stickease Assortment, Fanfare
Chipboard Shapes; Dream Street Papers, Just my type
Wood Veneer; Close to my Heart, Color Ready, Garden, Wood shapes
Nothing on hand like the bingo chips. Substituted, American Crafts, Flair, Delish, Adhesive Badges and two wood button-like bits from CTMH, wooden Mini-Medley Accents
Orange trim, muk
Brown twine, CTMH, wooden Mini-Medley Accents
Washi, a roll I picked up in December from Michael's for gift wrapping. It failed to adhere to the gift wrap paper.
And how do you like the button card I made from the button stash? The two on the top right are chipboard buttons. The remainder are the real thing. Some of them around 50 years old.
Tiny Word Stickers; Tim Holtz, Idea-ology, Chitchat, Verbiages, Charla
Wood pegs, CTMH, Wooden Mini-Medley Accents
Enamel Dots, Creative Memories, Enchanted, Glitter Accents
Stars; going to use two wood ones, painted yellow, and some blue brads. All muk
For sequins we will sub out with the dots and commas from American Craft, Thickers, Lullaby that have also had a date with the ink pad. So now they are brown with a bit of sparkle.
Denim and Blue twine is from an Etsy order, muk.
A couple of extra items that mimicked the inspiration kit include a die cut of a van from My Mind's Eye, Abby Road and a strip of tickets off a patterned paper, Jenni Bowlin Studio, Ticket Roll

Now if you have glazed over and not carefully read all the details. That's ok. There will not be a test at the end of this blog. I don't expect your rapt attention to the intricacies, and I don't want to be boring, However, the ONE TIME, I did not divulge my kit in painstaking detail was the time someone asked, "What is that gorgeous piece of paper you have there?"   So it is ok, if you just look at the pictures for the kit reveal.

Did you happen to notice what has been left out? Missing are the envelopes. They would be easy enough to counterfeit, but I may not go that route as I usually find it difficult to include them in the layout concept. And I will need to keep it easy and smooth if I want to get anything done this month. It is, after all, May. This is the month we remove the winter tires and take the winter emergency kit out of the car. This will be replaced with a sturdy box with sunscreen, bug spray, bug bite relief, toys, towels and swim wear, to be ready for the spray park on the first summer-like afternoon. Snacks and water are a good thing to keep in this lot. also.

At the same time yard work begins. And I have lots of yard. Clean-up of flower beds and watching to see which perennials made it through the winter, and which need to be replaced. Also, Mr. Muddle deemed it important that I have a greenhouse. There are a number of boxes sitting on the patio waiting for the ground to show its self again. I want to note here, that they have been snowed on twice since they arrived. It might be a while yet before greenhouse assembly begins.

So while I oscillate between looking forward to spring and wondering if winter will ever leave, the point I am trying to make is that once it turns "nice" outside, not much gets done inside. I learned this lesson last May when I registered for LOAD. My first two LOADs  (October and February) were highly productive. But the one in May, could not hold my attention when the buds started popping.

What about you? What part of the year do you find it hardest to "make time" to indulge yourself in your craft? 

And now it is time to hop along to the next blog. I would like to introduce you to Andrea. http://snappingmonsters.blogspot.com/

Thanks for dropping by. Double thanks for comments.