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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Mid Summer Muddlings

Hooray for August. The month of endless summer days. In my youth, it was endless because we had to work in the honey house, extracting honey all August long. Hot, sticky, misery.

This year, I am going to focus on painting during August. I have the cupboards and drawers and shelves for the garden house, and on the real house, the widows need some attention.

Here is my big-girl playhouse. Siding complete. A bit of trim to figure out but in all, ready to show off.

And on the cluttered side, which is out of your view there is a nifty plant stand to hold the pot collection. I promised Mr. Muddle that I would restrict my collecting to what fits on this shelf. Fortunately it hold a lot!

Yesterday I got to spend my day at Riddle Used Store, helping Sweet Charity sort and clean. I arrived with the coordinating coffee cup cozies I made a week or two ago and a carafe of coffee.  The pink/red one, I made with her in mind. Turns out she has purchased some of that same fabric. So I guess I got that one right.

New project idea. Silly old Suitcase got my wheels turning on this. How much fun would it be to open a suitcase full of interesting, creative, beautiful, bits and bobs that someone has put away? Perhaps years ago? Well, I am creating a time capsule of sorts. A sweet vanity case, has been scrubbed up and I am tucking all manner of nifty things into it. A lavender pillow was first. Also some desiccant packs. Do you keep all those from handbags and pill bottles too? Besides some beadwork, crochet, craft supplies, miniature figurines, fabric, buttons, etc, I am including a small coin purse filled with Canadian pennies. Canada has stopped making them this year. (boohoo) so one day they will be of extreme interest. 

When full it will be tucked away on a top shelf, out of the way and forgotten about until it becomes a treasure for some lucky person to discover.

And on the note of lucky; we've held a draw and we have a winner. Conveniently I have 9 followers. So I popped number stamps into a little box, ( don't you love the graphic of the carpenter on this box? I am going to punch it out and save for future scrapbooking.) shook it vigorously and drew out...


And counting the members back from the oldest to the newest, #8 is Ada of Vintage Sheet Addict, (Won't be hard to figure out what to put in a parcel for her.) who is off camping and will be thrilled to learn of this on her return. 

Thank you to the member/followers, the commenters (here and on facebook) and those that just lurk.Love you all.  

Off to frolic with the flutter-bys.


  1. Hi Sassy, your little house in the garden is just amazing, I love it. your going to have a lovely time making it just so I,m sure. Ada will be chuffed to bits at winning your draw, that's so nice! oh and love the coffee cup cozies, very useful when out and about! Heather

  2. Wow! Thanks Sassy! I was just going to say what a lovely idea the 'lost' suitcase would be, almost missed the last bit of your post! Thank you so much, I've never won a giveaway before!
    Your 'playhouse will be fantastic, can't wait to see the transformation! I will email you! Ada :)

  3. Hi Sassy, I was trying to leave a message on your new post but it won't let me for some reason! maybe I'm doing something wrong!! anyway, enjoy the fair. will be great to see the new fountain and although I have never tried scrap-booking I do like paper crafts now and again and cutting and sticking nice paper can't be bad although I'm sure there is much more to it than that! look forward to seeing the end result? Heather x