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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Good Heavens

In a concerted effort to make up for being so late to the gate with February's kit, my March's compilation is ready to reveal.

The Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog kit to copy is A Piece of Cake Designs' January Cupcake Kit.
The cupcake kit features 6x6 papers

So many delicious details.

The Main Cake Kit is equally appetizing

This months master forger's blog hop was my favorite to date. Each design team member shared a tip (or two)  for building  counterfeit kits. Unknowingly, (or perhaps not so) they also shared in their personal process, which I find, always makes for a fascinating read.

It was my intention to try a different approach in building my kit, this month. Jemma from Just Jimjam's cleared things up for me when she pointed out that the pink in the photo is not in the kit contents. I wanted to try her technique of building a kit by examining the essences of the elements and break away from my regular, "best match" piece by piece approach. Well, that lasted until I got to the 3Ls, Leslie, Lisa and Lynette. Going through their kits, I keep saying, "oh I have that!" Or "gee I think I have something just like that." And the next thing you know, I am holding papers up to the screen and asking DH which paper looks more like the original?

So I fell back into my old way of doing it. Some would say, do what works for you. I always quip, "Don't fix what's not broken."  Perhaps next month I will stretch my kit making methods and take a break to build right after Jemma's post.

So on with the show. May I present, Good Heavens:
CKC 03 2015 Good Heavens

First the papers.
MME Jubilee

Good Heavens
 I am more than a little excited at how well this turned out. I started by flipping through my 6x6 pads. They tend to get forgotten, overlooked, ignored. Having a kit that features 6x6 papers was the push I needed to pull some of them in.

MME 6x6 On the Bright Side, Two
MME 6x6 Lost&Found Two Sunsh
Dream Street Forget Me Not Paisley Petals
MME 6x6 Kate &Co Cambridge Corut
The florals in the paisley is a much better colour match than the photo shows. (bad lighting continues to badger me)

Creative Memories

Paintable 6x6 muk (prehaps Technique 'Tuesday?)
From a friend's MME stack that I ransacked

October Afternoon Sidewalks Hide and Seek

muk(Stampi' up perhaps?)


Creative Memories, Seasons

MME Find your Wings and Fly, Balloon Parade

Creative Memories.
LLS bargain bin. muk
Love how the painted squares are spot on for the colours on the map page. It is my favorite piece in this kit.

Gelatos. I don't have anything in this medium. Hoping for a scrappy shopping trip to city to remedy my deficiency.

CTMH inks and paper doilies
MME Find your wings sticker sheet

Cork elements in the kit will be represented by tags to be cut from a piece of a placemat. Cork pins are by Little Yellow Bicycle, and an interesting border tape from a swap table in a corky colour, muk

Little alphas, on left from CTMH. On right Glitz Designs

and clips
and a few other things featured in the kit, such as two flair, sequins, wood print ribbon  are in this happy compilation:

Frames: MME
Clips: Maya Road
Washie tapes all from CTMH 
Overlay, flair, sequins, and ribbon all muk
and two Breezy Badges.
All together again, here are the papers:

and the whole kit:
Good Heavens
 Now with two fresh kits ready to go, I am well prepared for an upcoming weekend retreat.

And my tip for kit building? Don't create limitations that stop you from adding to your kit. As you begin to work with it, you might find you need buttons or stamps or a different paper. Pull it in as you think of it. Use it if it works for you. If not, it goes back into the stash at the end of the kit. In the meantime, you are using YOUR stash, and that is the whole point of the exercise, n'est-ce pas?

Thanks for stopping by. Double thanks for comments.


  1. Fantastic kit!! I love that you gave a tip of your own, and I think that the paints are a fabulous substitute for Gelatos (although I will admit to purchasing more myself with this past week's sale at JoAnn's).

  2. You never fail to make me smile Sherrie! Love how you wanted to break away but us three L's (that alone made me smile!) got you back "on track" so to speak! Funny and I did actually notice that the three of us were together this time around.

    Your kit is of course, delightfully large and full of so much yummy stuff that I'm sure you had an awesome weekend of creating.

    Thanks for the tip of your own - one that I follow almost every month! I have to admit that I throw all sorts of bits and pieces into my box throughout the kit's life and sometimes it grows to quite unmanageable proportions!

  3. What a nice fun kit! You've got such a lovely assortment of papers. I really like your advice too - just add things to the kit and if they don't get used, no big deal. Maybe they'll get used the next time around.

  4. You've got a great variety to use in your kits. I find it easier to use up my kit if I do not stick to a theme and I love that this month's kit wasn't too themed ( as some commercial kits can be). Wow. You have lots and lots to work with!

  5. A gorgeous BIG kit Sherrie! You follow my process,if it looks nearly the same then put it in. You will enjoy using this kit, I can tell.

  6. Fantastic! Such a great kit with wonderful paper matches. I like your tip and think I'll put it to use today. My remaining contents aren't moving me to inspiration,...the orange isn't fitting with the blues or the patterns just are working together for me,...adding on will probably spur on some new enthusiasm.

    Care to challenge each other to actually use our paintables? As for me, I'm thoroughly intimidated. Although I know it's never as difficult as the fear of getting started, it's always hard to take the plunge. :)

    1. You are on! I bought these way back when I started scrapping and everything was justified as "need" Fast forward five or six years and now what do I "do" with them? haha. Thanks for the push. Now there is now way of backing out.

    2. Just checking back. How about some painting today? I think I might. :)

  7. Wow! Your side-by-side comparison was amazing - you nailed it 100%.
    Had a good laugh at the 3Ls and "holding papers up to the screen and asking DH which paper looks more like the original", lol!
    So glad you are joining in again. I have missed your creativity.

  8. Wow. You were a little late to the February party (but seem to have two wonderful kits to use!) And I now feel a little better about joining in on the 20th this month :)

  9. This looks like a stellar kit to me. Can't wait to see you use those Gelatos.