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Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Lovely Lady Lucy

It's high time I gave you the opportunity to get acquainted with the lovely Lady Lucy. Lucy is an abandoned dog (Her owners sold their property and left her behind. New owners don't live there. Poor old girl.) with the most wonderful disposition.

Last winter was not so good to her. With no one caring for her, she started hanging out at my nephews and then at my sister-in-laws. They both fed her sometimes, but she was very timid and at the bottom of the pecking order amongst the other large dogs in the "gang."

The gang, l-r: Lucy, Angie, Snowfart, Sassafrass Lass

When the dogs would wander over to visit our, Sassafrass Lass, I began to take an interest in her. She moved slowly and stiffly, as if old and arthritic, hanging back from the others. And she was fearful of us. It took a fair amount of coaxing to get her to let us touch her. Oh, to touch her. To show her some love. A bit of acceptance. And to offer her some food. Eventually she came around and began to eat what we offered her. But ever fearful and checking over her shoulder, expecting one of the other dogs to nip at her and push her aside. We would stand guard between her and the others, as she ate, making sure she got a solid meal.

When we had gained her trust she allowed us to pet her a bit her condition which had been hidden by tons of long white fur was revealed to us. She was fur, skin and bone. The girl was starving.

We changed up her kibble to Acana, large puppy breed formula, for it's higher calorie count and excellent nutrition. And we added kelp powder for extra vitamins, minerals and glucosamine, for the suspected arthritis.

She would come around a couple of times and then we wouldn't see her for a few days. But then she would be back again. Just kept on feeding her whenever she showed her pretty face.

When spring arrived and the weather warmed, I brought out a brush and found that she looooovvves getting brushed. Surreptitiously, snipping out mats as I work through her fur, I am not sure that we will ever get through all of it but we must try our best.

Then, one evening in May, the dogs took after a porcupine. Sassafrass was loaded in the van, along with Lucy for a trip to the vet. Sass, had to be put under anesthetic and had an overnight stay. Lucy, was so mild and calm, the vet just removed her quills by hand. The professional's opinion was that the dog is about 10 years old, spayed at a young age, no indications of having had a litter, and had an old injury on her hind leg (perhaps was hit by a vehicle) that caused the stiffness we had thought was arthritis.

By this time our old girl's personality had started to shine. She is sweet and gentle. Loves kids. And loves nothing more than a belly rub.

And kids love her too. One day, taking 2 year old Rebecca for a walk with Lucy and Sass, Rebecca told me, pointing at Lucy, "This is MY dog." and making a dismissive gesture towards Sass,  "That's your dog."

And earlier this week, a friend brought along a rambunctious preschooler who enjoyed both the dogs. He kept calling Lucy, Lady. She now has a title! Our Lady Lucy.

She now shows up to eat twice a day. And she loves to follow me around the yard when I am gardening, finding a cool shady spot to recline in while she keeps an eye on me. And the slow, mincing walk is a thing of the past. In fact, this past week I have observed her trotting around the farm. She has even broke out in an all out run.

Our next step is to build or buy a house for her. If she begins to stay here for the nights, I will be pleased. It will mean that she has fully adopted us as her family.

So in six months she has gone from neglected and starving to healthy weight and happy, happy, happy.  I can't show you in photos, but she does a little happy dance when she greets me. And she has a 500 watt smile. Never have I seen a dog smile as much as her.


and healthy! Look at that fur.

So that's the story of how the sweet Lady Lucy came to join our family.

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

June CKC Kits, Country Cousins

June Counterfeit Kit Challenge has all of four kits to choose from. But why choose, if you can have it all? The inspiration kits are from Scraptastic Kit Club

The Kits are named "After the Storm" "After the Storm Add-on" "Destination Unknown" and "Destination Unknown Add-On"
Clockwise from top left: After the Storm; ATS add-on; Destination Unknown add-on; Destination Unknown

The first attempt at shopping my stash to assemble these kits was not a success. Turns out that in my mega stash of paper, the patterns were not well represented. And since a trip to Scrapbook Outlet (6914 76 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta)  was on the calendar, I took printouts of the kits and their contents and had a sweet little spree. Picked up more embellies than paper, I think, but it's all good. The rock bottom clearance prices at this outlet store are unbelievable. If you can, go!

In an effort to provide honest disclosure; this is the new stash that I put into these kits:

 These are the papers that made the cut:
Or should I say, that will be cut?

 The new stash and the paper grid photos are in the same order as the kit grid photo, above.

Comparing the inspiration kits to my CKC kits looks like this:
After the Storm, (above); Country Cousins, Sam  (below)

After the Storm add-on, (above); Country Cousins, Mel, (below)

Destination Unknown, (above); Country Cousins, Heather, (below)
Destination Unknown add-on (above), Country Cousins, Gwen, (below)
And now the details. Feel free to scroll quickly, past the fine print.

Country Cousins, Sam

Bazzill, Dino-mite, Swamp Scales
My Mind's Eye, Quite Contrary, jack & Jill, Favorite Thing, Bright Argyle
Harmonie, Jardin Angelique
Bo Bunny, C'est La vie, Art Nouveau 
My Mind's Eye, Lime Twist, Out of the Blue, Family, Chevron
     -for this one I cut out the red strip of the chevron as there was no red in the inspiration kit.
Counterfeit Bokeh
    -using white 12x12 paper I dropped and drizzled Sunflower Glimmer Mist, Denim Blue Glimmer Mist, Green Bottle green Adirondack alcohol ink, Aqua Adirondack Alcohol Ink, Gray Whale ColorBox Chalk Ink.
Counterfeit Bokeh

Taupe from K&Co mega pack bought at Costco. It is actually an extra heavy patterned paper with rows of turquoise dots down the middle
Light yellow, light blue and lime green all manufacture unknown (muk)
Basic Grey, Chip Stickers, Wander
October Afternoon, Hometown Shapes
Theresa Collins, Every Day Moments, Chipboard Elements
Little Yellow Bicycle, Layered Flower Button Dots 
Studio Calico, Badges, Take Note
Studio /calico, Rub-ons, Clouds
sei, Grandpa's Attic, die cut tags, (3)
Studio Calico, die cut tags, "fresh"
Making Memories, Vintage Findings, 2 stick pins, blue ribbon
K&Co, tiny word tags
Little Yellow Bicycle, flower button dots (2), canvas border, green corrugated shapes
Large green tag, muk
Green mesh ribbon, muk
Gramma's button box, assortment of buttons

Country Cousins, Mel 

Cactus Pink, Decades Art Deco, Jeepers
My Mind's Eye, Follow Your Heart, Be Amazing, Blue Doily 
Multi-Stipe muk
Bo Bunny, Mama-razzi2, Focus
Little Yellow Bicycle, Diamond Dust
Green and Yellow by Bazzill, colour names not known.
Basic Grey, Origins, Micro Mono Stickers, yellow
Basic Grey, Chipboard Stickers, Kioshi
Simple Stories, 24/Seven, Vertical Journaling Card Elements
Glitz, Cardstock Stickers, Scarlett Journaling
Creative Memories, Enchanted, Epoxy Stickers, Glitter Accents
Washi, Green Chevron, muk
Library cards, yellow and grey, muk

Country Cousins, Heather

Simple Stories, Sn@p Red Dot/Stripe
Crate Paper, Randon Collection, Vintage
Bo Bunny, Country Garden, Dot
Packaging from Prima Marketing 12x12 Mask
October Afternoon, Sidewalks, Red Light Green Light
Red with blue strips, from Ebay overbuy, muk
Moxxie, Make the Grade, School Dot, will use to counterfeit one of the journal cards in kit.
Yellow, Mustang Sally
Butter Cream, actually a pp, muk
Red, muk
Basic Grey, Chipboard Stickers, Wisteria
October Afternoon, Detours Shapes
Simple Stories, Vintage Bliss, Bingo Cards
Little Yellow Bicycle, Delightful Collection, Fabric Tabs and Labels, Playful 
My Mind's Eye, Follow Your Heart, Decorative Buttons
Studio calico, Die Cuts, Grid tags (2)
American Crafts, Flair, Adhesive Badges, Botanique Flair Beauty
Harmonie, Amour, Ruler Borders
Making Memories, Vintage Findings, gold sequins
Flag Pins, muk, (seem to remember these being American Crafts)
Pink and blue flower sequins, muk

Country Cousins, Gwen

Bo Bunny, Serenity Lanterns, B-side
Subtle blue pattern, muk
sei, Holiday Hoopla, Snazzy Santa
orange floral on turquoise, muk
Autumn Leaves, Foliage Oak Leaf Words
Simple Stories, I {Heart} summer, Title Strip Elements
Vellum, Magenta, Memor, Green Berry Branch
Bright/light blue, muk
Taupe, heavyweight patterned paper by K&Co 
American Crafts, Thickers, Patchwork, Ladybug
Theresa Collins, Chipboard Elements, Spring Fling
Cosmo Cricket, Stacked Stickers, Tea for Two
Yellow tag, muk
Above Average, die cut, muk
Definition Stickers, muk
Scenic Route, Round Chipboard Die Cuts, Sonoma, Happy Together

 I also plan to use some of my counterfeit project life journal cards
If you are thinking I am a little crazy to build four kits at once, I am inclined to agree with you. Have never tired having multiple kits going at the same time. Albeit, Mel and Sam will play well together, as will Heather and Gwen. Also, between the lot of them, I don't think there will be much need to ransack the back stash, to maintain design sensibility. When I get them about half completed, I will try putting them all together. Worst case scenario, kits get dismantled and put back in the drawers. Meanwhile, I can't wait to get to get into all these new goodies. We have a rainy forecast ahead. If the weather service is correct, there will be some serious productivity from these kits.

Thanks for dropping round. Double thanks for comments.