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Monday, 9 July 2012

CKC part II

Continued today with my counterfeit kit and got three more layouts from it. For the record, I kept adding things to the kit to keep my pages true to my sensibilities, but the fun in the challenge for me has been to use every button, ribbon, etc, and as much of the paper as possible from the original kit that I assembled.

The few remaining items are:
2 speech balloons. They go back in the stash.
Enough paper to mat two 4x6 photos
Letters to spell "jiffy" or "fizzy" (upside down exclamation point makes a suitable "i")
Snips of paper and assorted numbers and punctuation and "bad" letters. Anybody need six ampersands?

With the help of Prima flowers and Basic Grey stickers, I kicked it up and came up with this:

In trying to "ruffle up" the shoelace I found the best results from threading a string through the center, gathering the shoelace on the string and tying off the string to two brads. And that's a 7 Gypsies overlay that is meant for one of those standing, turning, vertical rolodex type thingys. The ruffle covers the attachment part.

Here I took a Shimelle Laine approach and matted two 4x6 photos together. This is new territory for me.

And finally a tribute page to CKC. I added a package of Basic Grey, layered stickers, "pops" to help pull the last of the ribbon and buttons together. And how do you like the little flowers, made with the commas and apostrophes from the vinyl thickers?

Thanks for stopping in to take a boo.


  1. Love what you did with the shoe lace. Way to use up all those letters, too. You did a great job on all three layouts - they look fantastic!

  2. You are a born counterfeiter Sherrie! Perfect pages, perfect use of stash and talk about entering the spirit of the challenge :-)

  3. I had to have a closer look at your flowers. I love how you used those commas and apostrophes!!!

  4. super cute layouts today! I love that you got so creative and used the punctuation to make flowers! That is something I am deffinatly going to have to lift in the future!!

  5. Just left a comment on your flickr and then noticed this link, too. Great pages - and great use of the commas to make flowers!

  6. Really fabulous job!!! These are so beautiful. And I hadn't seen the two photos matted together before, I'll remember that trick. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. You have a great way with flowers - from the simplicity of the first layout to the complexity of the last. Nicely done.