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Friday, 24 January 2014

All Is Bright Round-Up

The January Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit, All Is Bright was a delight to work with as I quickly built layouts and happily captured some of my memories from Christmas 2009. This was the first Christmas that Robin and I spent together. Only five years ago, yet I look at the photos and think, "we looked so much younger then." Well there is no stopping time, but there is the capturing of memories, and that, my dear friend, is what scrapbooking is mostly about.

The kit as it was at the start:

And the layouts that resulted:

This one incorporated a bit of inspiration from some packaging. Like the dog food bag in the previous post, sometimes I get obsessed with the oddest of items. 

A new concept for me. Differing shades of cardstock in a two page layout. The jury is still out on whether this was successful or not.
 Then for a change of pace, how about a tour of my first studio? 

I still had paper and embellies but the rest of the photos for Christmas 2009 are very yellow and clashed with the kit. Christmas 2010 through 2012 have been completed and I have yet to print photos for Christmas 2013, so I just carried on without.

And then I took the last remnants and made lasagna paper.
I call it lasagna paper because the first time I did this with the final bits of a kit, it ended up being used to showcase the story about a pan of lasagna. I don't know what story this one will be used to tell, but there is lots of room in the patterned paper collection for it to sit for awhile.

And that concludes the January kit, All Is Bright. Seven completed layouts. Two waiting for photos, titles and journaling. Plus three from December that need photos and journaling. And one piece of patterned paper that needs to find it's calling. That will bring the total to 13 when they are all put to bed.

With a week now until the next kit reveal, I am working on two large projects. One is a total revamp of my storage system. The other is scrapping a trip to Vegas that was taken in 2009. Reorganizing is something I like to do just about as much as I like scrapping. Either way, you get to play with all the little pretties.

Thanks for stopping by. Double thanks for comments.


  1. Super cute layouts! Congrats on how far you got with your kit :)

  2. Loved this kit - your pages were really fabulous.
    Adored the product packaging inspiration - I have so many things like that tucked away :~D
    Didn't realize you two were such a relatively recent couple!
    Wonderful banner on the bonus page.
    The two shades of cardstock? I think it looks like the left is the day of prep, the right is the evening of party (even if it wasn't like that).
    Scrap on, sista!

    1. Love your concept of the lo. Now it makes more sense to me. Regarding the product packaging, I determined that when I have that spark, I need to use the idea, pronto. Other wise, I am digging through napkins and flyers, years later, wondering what it was that I liked about them .New mantra, "use it, then loose it".

  3. Congrats on using the kit up! Lone the lasagna page.

  4. great use of your kit - the layouts are great and I really like the two tone card stock! I think it adds a certain something. I know you probably make more two page spreads than one so it must be hard to keep up with all the card you need and this seems like a great solution. I have been known to mix them up across the pages or make a top and bottom half with a cleverly covered up join. But now I mostly only use cream, white and kraft card stock so there's usually enough of whatever I have. The idea of completing backgrounds ready for photos is also great

    1. Thanks Lisa, I don't remember "why" I tried the two-tone idea. Except that perhaps at the moment I had two one-ofs and thought they could play well together.

      A few years ago, I bought about two thousand pieces of cardstock from a business that was closing. As I work my way through them I am learning what colours (shades) I really need. Besides white, cream, beige (kraft) and black, I need a shabby pink, a night time navy, and pomegranate red. Still working through dozens of shades of green, when I get them whittled down, I should be able to determine what type(s) of green I really need. Oh yeah, I also like to have a yellow on the verge of orange on hand. Keep in mind, I do lots of children's layouts, and birthdays. As they grow up, I may be moving away from the saturated colours of youth.

  5. You have done an AMAZING job there - well done. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog today - glad my photos help :)