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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bastille Day at Wellington Garden Centre

Wine tasting at a beautiful garden center. What a perfect thing to do on a perfect evening in July.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to work in such a place?

Everywhere you look is another beautiful vignette.

Strolling the grounds, I don't believe it is possible to take a bad picture.
 A little wine turns the evening into a special affair.

 Robin can't resit a chance to fool around. ("The devil made me do it!" he would say)

So many blossoms. Here are only a few.

Ever the practical ones, we went home with a new hoe. Next time though, I think I bring home this:

I will sew cushions for it and put it in a shady spot. And then when you come over, we will relax on it and enjoy our iced tea.


  1. Hi, thanks for visiting me earlier! This garden centre is great, how do you manage to take such lovely pictures? Mine always seem slightly blurred! Ada :)

    1. Hi Ada, thanks for commenting. I tend to use three of the auto settings on my camera, macro (flowers) portrait (arms length to across the room) and infinte (scenery) and I am switching between them all the time. I did however have a disaster at a highschool graduation, earlier this month. I thought I was set to "no flash" but it was on "creative auto" All I had was lots of yellow, blurry shots. Drats.

  2. Lovely snapshots - I enjoyed these.

  3. Hi there! I've popped over from Linda's Odd and Old blog. I must say, this looks like a totally lovely day out!

  4. Isn't Wellington's amazing? I love it too!

  5. So sad it is closed and auctioned off!