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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

December's Details

A couple of posts back, I mentioned I would return with December details. No time like the present. Like most people, December gets to be a very busy month for me. Extra social activities, and preparations for Christmas celebrations on top of one's regular daily responsibilities. Something has to make room. Usually it is the "me" time. And that means there is little to show off for December scrapping.

In November, many were  sharing their preparations to do a December Daily project. I knew this would be a futile effort for me. Took a page from the book though and decided to use my camera every day in December. Not just a photo a day, through as many events require lots and lots of photos. More than 900 images later, my December photo file, like an uncle after his Christmas dinner,  is stuffed. And I am satisfied, as I completed the goal. Now, however, begins the editing and choosing which will be printed.

With the cart before the horse approach, I have made pages from my January CKC Kit, All Is Bright. In fact, I made some of them before I made the kit. Nothing like getting a jump on your Christmas scrapping right?

These three are designed to hold a 4x6 or 5x7. A photo and some journaling is all that is needed.

Then there was another thing that I did in December. Every once in awhile inspiration comes from something that passes through your hands. A magazine page. A business card. This time it was the dog food bag.
Somebody was paid a lot of money to design this packaging. The balance, the colours, the variety of fonts. They were all carefully chosen. I studied this, sketched it out and then made this:
Ok, maybe it doesn't look anything like the bag, but I'll take my inspiration where I can get it.

There were some tags and cards too. All have gone to their new homes.

The other thing that I did in December was prepare a Project Life Album. Having purchased the kit in the fall, I saw a post for a Becky Higgins blog to help you set up your album for the year. Choosing which cards to use, each week, would have been the death of the project for me. Tucking them in a seemingly random order, with the knowledge that you can shuffle them about later, should you feel the need, was the ticket for me to get started on this style of memory keeping. My album is all laid out, waiting for photos and journaling. Kinda like my scrapbook pages. Is this is a new trend for me? Week one, has already been completed but I think that is for another post.

How about you? What new styles or ideas are you delving into this year?


  1. Super cute and I just love the tags :)

  2. Beautiful layouts. I love making pre-made pages for an event, as all the had work is done.

  3. Hello! Hope all is good and well with you and you had a great holiday....happy 2014! Keep warm :) x

  4. Well you are in high gear. I'm liking the idea of doing pages without/before having the photo. Yours are proof of how pretty they can be.