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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Focus on Valentine's Day

Having finished the paper organization portion of a Spring Organizational Challenge it is time to recognize and reward the accomplishment. Five hours of scrapbooking is a good treat. I didn't time myself but yesterday I enjoyed working with paper.

First it was time to try a couple of forgeries. To hack of the overlay in the Mind The Scrap kit to copy should be fun. If I had transparency paper, would have just printed it off. But didn't so I took a page protector and tried permanent ink and pigment ink with a stamp. Tried painting with acrylic. And tried free hand copying with a Sharpie and then Creative Memories Photo Pen. The last attempt was the winner, although it couldn't mimic the shade gradations. So next, shrunk the jpeg of the product, and printed on regular paper.
Stuck things down with a bit of washi.
 And doodled awhile. Came up with this:
Now that was easy.

Next project was  to recreate the fringed hearts. My internet connection was down so had to rely on what my leaky memory could recall from the blog hop Forgeries on the Fourth. 
 as well as a photo, saved to the desk top.
Out came the sewing machine. Using washie tape for pins, 2" Strips of overlapping paper got sewn together.

A quick heart paper template, a pair of scissors.
Glitter tape added. Then snip, snip, snip, snip........
And moving along, as they were begging to be used right away, a Valentine's layout instead of a card, for my dearheart.
Searched "old couple"  until  this funny photo. showed up in the image roll. Robin and I both like to garden. Put my thoughts on the tag about the "long row that we have been hoeing".  There is a heart paper clip around here, that will replace the arrow, once it surfaces. Lots of alpha saves, as these thickers are going to be done with at the end of this kit. And the red sharpie line around it all is a nod to a most inspiring designer that we all hope will join back at WM soon, the remarkable Pam.

Also submitting this layout for Whimsical Musings #93 Inspired by the everyday.

Thanks for stopping by. Double thanks for comments.



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  2. Amazing forging - and SUCH a fun page!

  3. Nice forging and that layout is a hoot!

  4. The overlay forgery is a genius way to recreate it. I'm really late to commenting these last few weeks with LOAD and Easter but I'm so glad i found the time to come on over and see what you've been up to. I would have struggled and snuggled to come up with a way to forge the transparency but the idea of "tracing" is fabulous. You know that I love the layered, fringed hearts and am in awe that you did this without referring back to the original. Looks great and of course, perfect for your Valentine page. :-)