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Sunday, 22 July 2012

How do I feel? Sew, sew

Have only got about half of the lilies weeded, this week. Went ahead with pictures, inspite of this, as I wanted to catch their first blush of beauty, for you.

There is a bit of a bug, making it's rounds. Becky Boo had a difficult day when she was here on Wednesday. Three days later I woke up from a poor nights sleep, feeling less than stellar.  So today I spent mostly indoors and on light duty.

My sewing machine has been calling. I gave you a teaser of what I was going to do here, and now, made this today:

The free pattern is from a great site for fabric aficionados. sew 4 home 

I also finished another pennant banner.

 It will go great with the blue and white polk-a-dot one. When the garden shed's exterior is finished and I can hang them up to celebrate. Handsome Nephew left for the weekend to go sky diving. I pray he comes back in one piece to finish up.

We are having a lovely summer (it's about time, I say) With the unusually early spring and very summery summer, we have been seeing winged things that are not normally in this locale. The yard has been full of butterflies this week. Hard to get nice pics of them though. They like to close their wings when they are sitting. And without a zoom lens, I try to creep up on them but either I startle them or they just flutter off because they want to look at another pretty flower.

And here's one more lovely lily to gaze upon.
Enough about me. What did you do this week?


  1. You have such lovely butterflies over there! They have been in short supply over here with the weather! I love lillies mine have come and gone!
    Bunting looking good, what a beautiful garden retreat that will be!
    I have been trying to work out how to link blogs on my next post, alass I am no good at this computer stuff so I will post but with out links! Most people know how to google so it should be ok! Ada :)

    1. It's such a lovely surprise to get somebody else's butterflies. Our season is very short, and flowers much later than warmer climes.

      I will try to send you a regular email and detail the steps to link. I figured it out on my own. Not hard at all. But do go ahead an post without the links. Better done than perfect. And guess what, we can go back in later and link up, under edit. I just noticed that my photos were layered and went into edit to adjust it. Now you can see all three flowers with butterflies.

  2. P.s. hope you are soon better, I have pressed follow button, thought I had already done it then realised I hadn't! Think I might have got to 'a certain age'! Ada :)

    1. Thanks, Ada. For a long time I held bragging (?) rights to having only two followers. One in Germany and one from Driftpile. Driftpile is a very small Indian reservation about three hours drive from me. I treasure these two ladies as being the first to give me a nod of acceptance and recognition.

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  4. Thanks for popping by to my post, I'm so glad my visit to to the sculpture foundation may have been of use to you...
    With an antiquated computer, very basic knowledge and being dyslectic to boot blogging is a tad challenging.

    I really wish I could see these lovely butterflies for some reason I'm unable to see your images... they are just lines of colour... I don't understand why I can see some peoples images and none of some others... smiles Cass

    1. Gosh, you've got me stumped there. Do all my pictures fail to load properly for you or just some? I suppose it has to do with the formatting from one blog server to the other. I am sorry that I have no idea on how to fix this.