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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


 The garden shed is getting siding this week! Yesterday held a quick trip to the city for some building supplies. Of course there is time for a nip into a charity shop.

What is it about sifting through the wares at  these places that gives one's heart such a lift? The pleasure of finding a little a little treasure that someone else has finished loving. The possibilities that arise from the unused craft and sewing supplies. Inspiration abounds at every corner. One could fix this, make that, reinvent and refurbish forever. I have to be mindful of the time I can devote to these endeavors and  focus on the projects that I will find the most rewarding.

In a sewing shop, I found variegated serger thread and this nifty thread cutter that hangs from a lanyard.

At the charity shop I found the bias tape (for future pennant bunting)  A roll of hydrangea wall paper boarder, and three tops with bling. The tops will be reinvented into shopping bags. The wall paper will just hang around and be beautiful.


At the building supply store, I bought green painters tape. I am going to try stamping on it to make washi tape. And I absconded with a handful of Formica colour samples. They will make neat-o tags.

A Canadian hardwood cutting board (NIP) and a glass butter dish rounded out the day's finds.

I am not going to tell you what I am going to do with this.

It will be a lovely surprise.

But not today, as good-looking nephew is coming to work on the garden shed. And the rain from Sunday has made it easy to pull weeds. The lilies are starting to bloom so I want to tidy them up and then tour you through. Have an excellent day, my friend.


  1. You can't beat a good charity shop rummage can you! I will hopefully post my latest finds later in the week, busy end of school term stuff going on here at the moment. Making presents for teachers and buying prom dress, my sewing skills aren't up to that! Ada :)

  2. ah yes happy thrifting indeed! I am planning a camping trip to Kent this weekend so I expect I will be found looking in all the locals charity shops for more treasures. Nice to meet you! Heather

  3. What great finds....Your blog is so colourful! I love the charity shops here in the UK glad to see you get get the bargains in Canada to. Have a lovely weekend! Heather x