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Around the Block, August CKC

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

August CKC part III

Like a memorable trilogy; the golden triangle of design; mustard ketchup and relish; many good things come in threes. Come to think of it, they say bad things happen in threes also.

I acknowledge this series of blogs about the August Counterfeit Kit, Around the Block is not going to pull anyone away from a best selling novel. Hope you haven't arrived here between a series of unfortunate events, either. Wouldn't want to be remembered for that.

That being said; and me wondering where did that all come from; I think it means my ADD is in high gear. Anybody still with me? Preamble is over.

Ah, the August CKC Kit. Done. Complete. Finito.
 What worked well. Paint and mesh mask. Used it several times. Used paint on title frames and on corrugated paper also. All the paper and fabric flowers that where chosen for the kit are blooming on layouts. Three rolls of felt flowers that were bought over five years ago, and laid unopened, have been opened and about 15% used up. Alphas still have some life left in them.

Just as important as what went well is what didn't work well. It's an invaluable part of the learning curve.
The bottle tops hit the garbage can. I tried to flatten them  and they turned out too grungy. They came in a grab-bag, many moons ago so I don't feel any guilt over poor choices. The copper coloured staples did not get used either. Back into their drawer they go with all the other staples I never use. The patterned ones showed up on a page but I don't really like the way they work. This product I bought when they were being cleared out. So I bought a lot, thinking that I would never see it again and what good would the stapler be with out staples. Turns out, they are going to last forever at the speed I apply them. They may migrate to the kids craft supplies to alleviate buyers remorse.

On the left are the embellies that were not used up in layouts. They are now back in their respective drawers.
 On the right is what is left of the patterned paper. After the pages were done, I cut out all the 2 1/2" squares that I could and made these little cards.

And yes, that is some more of the felt flower boarders, cut up and put to use. These are just big enough to hold a tea bag. Little gifts for my TOPS pals.

Sunday night and most of Monday were spent whipping up another 11 pages. This brings the total pages for this kit to 31. This inspite if the fact that I felt like I had precious little time to scrap this month. How could this happen? By a change in my process. Two months of participating in CKC and I had an epiphany of how I process a design and how I can do it better! (faster! stronger!) But no time for that right now. Perhaps another blog. Right now, here is the third installment of layout created using my August CKC kit, Around the Block and the add-on kit, Best of Show.

This kit was so summery and picnic-y. It worked will with a picnic we had the last day of June. Here are three layouts about it.

Picnic Table Talk

It's How We Play
Paint on corrugated paper. Running low on alphas. Recruited a few from another set. I really only needed and "h" but it would have looked odd with just one green letter, so I saved the white vowels for future use.

Tea Time
 Just between you and me, that's not really tea in my little thermos.

Baby Brooklyn
The youngest member of the family

Easter 2012
Three pages for Easter. (Hmmm...there is that "three" thing again.)
Cut photo mats from the remaining off-cuts. Brought in a sheet of Creative Memories paper to tie them all together.

The large mat is the reverse of the yellow gingham. 

Potluck and Brown Bag Auction

Another layout from the barbeque I hosted in June. (bonus points if you remembered that I did pages about this event last month.) This will go in the newly started TOPS album. 

The layout technique is from my power layout workshop. A great "go to"  for me when there are lots of photos and/or I don't feel like re-inventing the wheel, with respect to design.

 Did you notice that piece of measuring tape? It is out of an old sewing box.

Kindergarten Gym
 Again, I used the techniques I teach in the power layout system, Pulled in some stickers from Close to My Heart and used up the last sheet of pp from this kit. 

And that's a wrap. Tomorrow is the 5th. The new CKC kit to counterfeit will be revealed here. And I get to start, all over again. Yipee!

Thanks for dropping in. Double thanks for comments.


  1. Well, I have to say I enjoyed this post immensely. From the interesting preamble to the scrapping postmortem analysis, I was thoroughly engaged. So much so that I completely forgive you for scrapping 11 more pages and making the rest of us look like slackers. So I raise my cup of tea (or something more interesting) to you. Oh, and did I say the pages were great as well - packed with photos and interesting pretties, too. Scrap on, Sherrie!

  2. Just one question, why are the called counterfeit? It's all new to me!!! Ada :)

    1. Hi Ada, It is called "counterfeit" because we copy a kit from an on-line source, using our own stash on hand. A new kit is chosen and revealed each month on the 5th. You can learn more about it here.