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Monday, 1 April 2013

Go Town! Wrap Up

My March Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit, named Go Town! got away on me.

When I put it together at the beginning of March, there seemed to be no limits. Paper! Embellies! More Paper!! Part of the mega kit looked like this:
For more on this kit go to: http://sherriesmuddlepuddle.blogspot.ca/2013/03/go-town.html

 But is bigger better? Some of the things that worked this month were:

Lots of scrap pieces were worked into layouts. (the bits along the top are all scraps)

A number of really "old stash" items found a place to call home.

That bird overlay was my "if you don't eat your dinner, you won't get dessert" item. I really struggled to find a way to make it work. Finally, I cut off it's tail (where is said "peace" ) and used it for it's colours, not it's message.

What didn't work?
Well, I never really got into a flow. There was no long period of uninterrupted scrapping time. I had more fun building the kit, than using it. Parts of  it, (owl punch, owl ribbon) didn't get used at all. And most of the paper was sorted back into my paper drawers yesterday, in anticipation of the new kit reveal today.

But that's how it goes some times. The layouts I did make, are precious memories captured. And really it is not about the numbers for me. It is the design process that gives me my thrill. Looking through my assorted goodies, moving them around on a page. That light bulb moment, when you know what you want your page to look like. Sometimes it is a 100 watt moment, sometimes only 40 watts. But at that moment, when I stop moving the stuff around and I am ready to make a commitment and add adhesive, production starts on all those feel good hormones and the gray matter fires off some extra fine serotonin, and I am as happy as the people you see on television commercials, look.

So without further rambling explanations, the layouts that came from Go Town! and the add-on kits, On a Lark and All the Way look like this:

Further details for some of the layouts can be found in my flikr photostream. There is a tab at the top of this page to take you there.

And that, dear readers and friends, is the story of another month long journey with the Counterfeit Kit Challenge. Which means, it is time to start the next one. Yipee!


  1. I really love the I've arrived one! Brilliant! :) x

  2. Oh my goodness!!! This is your work when you don't hit a flow?!? I am just amazed with all the pages you were able to create with your kit! Fabulous! My fave is the first two pager with all the strips of color. LOVE IT!

  3. March was a non-productive month for me as well. But I must agree with Julie, your non-productive puts my productive to shame! Lovely layouts!

  4. Brilliant rainbow of colours in your mega kit, and a fabulous collection of layouts - well done

  5. these are gorgeous!! I love your 2 pagers

  6. you got so much done!!! I had this thing called life that got in my way in Feb & March so I still need to use the balance of my kits!

  7. I love this honest post! Some month's are like that aren't they - eyes too big for your scrapping opportunities ... or perhaps the photos that you want to play with simply don't work! I have a couple of half-used kits that are still being chipped away at because I love them ... and one or two others never quite floated my boat and were dismantled as soon as I'd made a couple of pages. Thems the breaks!

    That rainbow page is still one of my all time faves! It's wonderful!

  8. Well, I think you did lots of scrapping and it cannot be surprising you would have some leftovers. I think putting the kits together is great fun too - in fact, I have a couple sitting here I have yet to touch. Sometimes we are in the groove on using a kit and sometimes not - we've all been there. I look forward to seeing your April kit.

  9. Fabulous layouts!! I'm glad to see that you got soo many layouts done even if you didn't use up your kit. I've still got a ton left of my March kit but I'm not going to take it apart just yet!

  10. What a great post and great stack of layouts that came from your kit. Creativity isn't aware of monthly "deadlines" and calendar dates, so our kits can just be there whenever we need them :). Great job!

  11. Wow, you made an amazing amount of gorgeous layouts! I don't worry about it if I can't use all my kit up, if there's a lot left I just keep the kit altogether for future use, if there's not much left then I put it all away. As you've shown, as long as you get some use out of it then it's good - and it's helped us go through our stash and remind us of some things we may have forgotten we had! x