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Sunday, 2 September 2012

A Jasper Jaunt

No place has a stronger call for me than Jasper National Park. The magnificence of the rugged Canadian Rockies fill my soul. It has been three years since our last visit. They were still there! Still waiting to awe me with their grandeur and nourish my spirit. 

The weather was cool and cloudy. Very little sunshine, so not many scenery pics, but the wildlife stepped up to fill the need for this snap happy photo bug. I clicked over 500 times in four days. Then spent a few hours when I got home, deleting, deleting, deleting. Whew......here are a few of the best.

Look! Slow Down! Stop! Quick! It's a Lynx! Rare to see, this elusive cat did not give a second chance to get it right.

Traffic stopping  jam causing mountain sheep, saunter nonchalantly across the road, causing full stop, and back-log of traffic. Truckers muster patience as they crawl along through the herd.

This elk walked right past the window of our cabin, then proceeded to mow the grass for over an hour with momentary pauses to politely pose for pictures. She had enough personality to warrant naming her Anne. Anne Elk.

The next day, we had a momma elk and her twins drop around for a visit.

A bit of sun on the last morning.

On the way home, we spied the ram of the sheep heard.

And not a quarter mile further we met a couple of mountain goats. I have seen them before but only at a distance, so very happy to get this photo.

During our trip, we also kept our eyes open for vintage campers. Another Look! Slow Down! Stop! from me when I spied this little Shasta. We were too late as it had sold the day before, but it was my first chance to be up close and personal with one. Interior was still mostly original.Took lots of photos for reference.
Home again, home again, jiggity jig! Life resumes. Routines fall back into place. But at any moment I can press pause on life and replay a few memories. They will feed my soul until I can return.


  1. Hi Sassy, the scenery of the Rockies is just incredible. How lucky you are to be able to visit. The Elks are beautiful, what a special visit! It would be lovely to see mountains. A vintage caravan would be fun too. Heather x

  2. Hi Sassy.
    Looks like you had a lovely break. The photos of the scenery and wild life are amazing. We like to go camping for our summer holidays but never see any wildlife like that. I think they must go into hiding until the camping season is over.

    1. Hi Carol, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Jasper is well known for its wildlife. Wondering where you live ,(or where you holiday?). Another trip we took that was filled with wildlife sightings was the David Thompson Hwy at dusk. Highlight of that one was a grizzly bear.

    2. We live on the north west coast of England and we holiday around Britain. This year we went to Lincolnshire, which is roughly around the East Midlands. Next year we are hoping to go further south to either Devon or Cornwall area.
      Wow a grizzly bear. I think the largest wild life, here in England, would be the ponies in the New Forest or the occational deer. As for preditor I think that would be a fox.

  3. I loved your pictures, it looks like a wonderful trip. That trailer is to die for, love the color, it would go well with pink flamingos.

    I found you on Linda's blog, nice to meet you, Ro