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Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Lovely Lady Lucy

It's high time I gave you the opportunity to get acquainted with the lovely Lady Lucy. Lucy is an abandoned dog (Her owners sold their property and left her behind. New owners don't live there. Poor old girl.) with the most wonderful disposition.

Last winter was not so good to her. With no one caring for her, she started hanging out at my nephews and then at my sister-in-laws. They both fed her sometimes, but she was very timid and at the bottom of the pecking order amongst the other large dogs in the "gang."

The gang, l-r: Lucy, Angie, Snowfart, Sassafrass Lass

When the dogs would wander over to visit our, Sassafrass Lass, I began to take an interest in her. She moved slowly and stiffly, as if old and arthritic, hanging back from the others. And she was fearful of us. It took a fair amount of coaxing to get her to let us touch her. Oh, to touch her. To show her some love. A bit of acceptance. And to offer her some food. Eventually she came around and began to eat what we offered her. But ever fearful and checking over her shoulder, expecting one of the other dogs to nip at her and push her aside. We would stand guard between her and the others, as she ate, making sure she got a solid meal.

When we had gained her trust she allowed us to pet her a bit her condition which had been hidden by tons of long white fur was revealed to us. She was fur, skin and bone. The girl was starving.

We changed up her kibble to Acana, large puppy breed formula, for it's higher calorie count and excellent nutrition. And we added kelp powder for extra vitamins, minerals and glucosamine, for the suspected arthritis.

She would come around a couple of times and then we wouldn't see her for a few days. But then she would be back again. Just kept on feeding her whenever she showed her pretty face.

When spring arrived and the weather warmed, I brought out a brush and found that she looooovvves getting brushed. Surreptitiously, snipping out mats as I work through her fur, I am not sure that we will ever get through all of it but we must try our best.

Then, one evening in May, the dogs took after a porcupine. Sassafrass was loaded in the van, along with Lucy for a trip to the vet. Sass, had to be put under anesthetic and had an overnight stay. Lucy, was so mild and calm, the vet just removed her quills by hand. The professional's opinion was that the dog is about 10 years old, spayed at a young age, no indications of having had a litter, and had an old injury on her hind leg (perhaps was hit by a vehicle) that caused the stiffness we had thought was arthritis.

By this time our old girl's personality had started to shine. She is sweet and gentle. Loves kids. And loves nothing more than a belly rub.

And kids love her too. One day, taking 2 year old Rebecca for a walk with Lucy and Sass, Rebecca told me, pointing at Lucy, "This is MY dog." and making a dismissive gesture towards Sass,  "That's your dog."

And earlier this week, a friend brought along a rambunctious preschooler who enjoyed both the dogs. He kept calling Lucy, Lady. She now has a title! Our Lady Lucy.

She now shows up to eat twice a day. And she loves to follow me around the yard when I am gardening, finding a cool shady spot to recline in while she keeps an eye on me. And the slow, mincing walk is a thing of the past. In fact, this past week I have observed her trotting around the farm. She has even broke out in an all out run.

Our next step is to build or buy a house for her. If she begins to stay here for the nights, I will be pleased. It will mean that she has fully adopted us as her family.

So in six months she has gone from neglected and starving to healthy weight and happy, happy, happy.  I can't show you in photos, but she does a little happy dance when she greets me. And she has a 500 watt smile. Never have I seen a dog smile as much as her.


and healthy! Look at that fur.

So that's the story of how the sweet Lady Lucy came to join our family.

Thanks for dropping round. Double thanks for comments.


  1. She's beautiful. Hope she adopts you.

  2. Oh Sassy, she's adorable! I'm so glad she found you and is letting you care for her! I have the same affect but on cats! She looks very happy, healthy and very well loved! :) x

  3. She really is adorable. What a lovely, loving story. She is certainly lucky to have found you and that you care so much. Thanks for sharing.

  4. story enjoyed, that's an awesome ending for a sad story. So glad this lady Lucy found you

  5. that's a wonderfull story! I do hope she lets you properly adopt her soon! Would be nice to think she is safe and cozy in your house. lovely dog. Heather x

  6. Good on you for persevering with her. What a lovely dog who found a lovely lady for herself :~)