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Around the Block, August CKC

Friday, 31 August 2012

Conterfiet Kit pages part II

It's extra hard to find time to scrapbook when the weather is so fine. We have had a beautiful summer, now moving into a fine fall. The seasons are so short here. Except for winter, of course, which can last 8 months, if it so chooses.

Now at month end, my August Counterfeit Kit, "Around the Block" has enough oomph in it to make another couple of laps. Still four whole sheets of patterned paper remains.

The first six layouts are all single page.

Always Create Together

This was a photo we used to enter the "Talented Families" contest put on last year by Canadian Scrapbooker magazine. The journaling is part of the notes used for our entry.

 "Why we scrapbook. Rebecca likes to tear paper. Cohen likes to smack punches and stamps. For Robin, it's a reason to buy new tools. Nadine started because I can't get all the stories down. For me, it's as much fun as Kindergarten, but now I get to use pointy scissors! "

Antony, a star in the news.

 Grandson number two was featured on the cover of a local paper. I photocopied the newpaper in colour and in black and white. Then layered the colour over the b&w to bring more attention to the wee picture in the corner. It still didn't have enough impact so a made a second copy in colour, matted it and popped it up on an angle. But, the whole thing did not come together until the red ric-rac was added. It really points the way on the page.

 Rebecca at 22 Months

A short list of her favorite will help me remember her preferences at this time in her life. The mesh mask and paint was a fortunate coincidence that it brings attention to the polka-dots on her hat and ball.


A total lift from a book. I made a sketch of this page, long time ago, but didn't make note of book's name or artist. Anybody reading this that recognizes it, please comment so I can give proper credit. In the book's example, the hand had been drawn around and hendi type doodles filled the hand. In this case, a cutout of the hand was used for a mask. Glimmer mist creates a shadow of what once was here. The journaling is a direct copy from the original page.

"No longer a baby, when did she become a little girl, so full of spunk; she knows she is adorable."

On the Road Again!

Except for the green cardstock, this is not really out of the counterfeit kit, but it was made this month. The photos and embellies come from the remains of a craft project of a cardboard bus with all my TOPS diet club friends in the windows. It was used as a center piece and was showing wear and tear when I suggested we, (that would be I) start a TOPS scrapbook.

This page evolved out of a facebook album. I mined the fb album for the journaling. The white board notes are something I go back to when ever my "stuff" begins to take over. Helps keep me from trying to keep EVERYTHING.

"Welcome to my seasonal decoration room. From Canadian Thanksgiving  to Easter, my home changes its look for each occasion. Using techniques I learned from Peter Walsh, I sorted boxed and labeled my "stuff." Ended up donating six boxes and two bags to charity today. Off season, the bric-a-brac and bits and bobs all sleep safe and sound in storage containers. This year it took a little while for me to get Christmas all tucked in for its long summer's nap. May 5, 2011"

These layouts were all done a week ago, but we were on our way to holidays and so they sat and waited for a bit. While I was away, with daily maid service and good water pressure, again, I put together 3 double page layouts.

Hangin' Out ; A.U. Wellness Fair

Robin hung out with the grandkids, while I showed scrapbooking and gave a presentation. What could be better than talking to people about scrapbooking all day?

Well, mayby scrapbooking all day, or as in this next case, all weekend.

 Weekend Getaway at Bloomin' Inn

There is an odd pattern developing here. I like to scrapbook pages about our scrapbooking adventures. So I am sitting at a five star resort, scrapping these pages about a weekend at a bed and breakfast and Robin snapped pictures of me working on the above layout. So now that layout will show up when I scrap about our most recent holiday. I better do that at home, and not on a mini get-away or the layouts could turn into fun house mirrors, with infinitely smaller photos of me scrapping.

 But oh, didn't the clusters come out nicely?

Yummy, yummy clusters.

Riddle Fashion Show at ANFC

 The cluster spans two pages. Pretty cool, if I may say so myself.

We were in a fashion show. put on by the charity shop that we volunteer at. The descriptions read by the MC were as follows:

"Robin has been a member since 2010. He volunteers at Riddle Used Store. His specialty is store design as he build shelves and removal of large items. Robin's t-shirt turned up at Riddle just in time for a busy week of volunteering during the Slave Lake evacuation.

Sherrie is a second year member at the center and volunteers at Riddle Used Store, where she has been bestowed the title of  "Design Consultant" The ensemble Sherrie is wearing from Riddle's includes a Biancca Nygarrd top with a 100% linen overblouse and jeans all from the store. Her piece de resistance that gives her bragging rights is the "matt and nat" handbag that retails for over $300. Riddle's price, $1.00."

And that is what Counterfeit Kit, "Around the Block" has produced so far. With the eight pages, in my first set shown here and the 12 pages in this post, I am at 20 pages for this kit, with a few more to come using the four patterned papers that remain.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Will be back soon with photos from holidays. Lots of wildlife shots. Some of them are even in focus!



  1. Hi Sassy, gosh all this scrap-booking is another world! I think my favourite is the first one, always create together, a really nice theme. Look forward to seeing your photos,enjoy the weekend, Heather x

  2. What an amazing bunch of layouts! You have been busy! I really love the photo in the first one. So cool that you scrap together as a family!

  3. What a great way to capture family moments and special times! It's more than a photo, a pictorial diary! Lovely! Ada :)

  4. Oh by golly that's some serious scrapbooking. It's hard to believe you haven't found time. I especially like the misted hand and the paint on bubble wrap effects. I can't wait to see what you do in September, especially if you have time!

  5. Always Create Together: totally agree about the pointy scissors, lol!
    Antony...: super-creative treatment of the newspaper part
    Rebecca...: the blue paint w/mesh was the perfect accent
    R: I am totally doing the misted hand with my grandbabies!
    and I loved your doodled journaling
    On the Road Again: some of us are just the chroniclers of our time :~)
    Hordinize: OH, how I covet your storage!
    Hangin Out: How lovely for you to share scrapbooking "with the masses" - any converts?
    Weekend Getaway: GORGEOUS clusters - totally perfect for the Bloomin Inn. I will now be watching closely for your infinity mirror layout, lol!
    Riddle: nice span of that cluster across the page - you are a busy lady! And that includes your scrapping time.
    So fun to get to see all of your pages - been a little lonely.