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Friday, 21 September 2012

Road trip!

 We had a surprise visit from grandson #2 this past weekend. The ensuing activity of a impromptu birthday party with cousins, visiting other relatives and then returning him home has kept me away from the regular routines.

   His home is about 9 hours away. That is, if you don't stop. But stop we did, to gaze and wonder at the beautiful mountains in Banff National Park.

And then through Kootney National Park. 

 With a stop for a dip in Radium Hot Springs

photo from tripadvisor.ca
 And home again, home again, jiggity jig.

 I got to view two vintage Shasta campers, on the way home.

 One in rough shape with all it's "shastaness" still intact. The other, in better condition but stripped of all identifying features except the magazine rack. :S

So today is laundry and catch-up and lots of emails and blogs to read. This weekend I hope to stay put at home. Although the leaves are changing colour, summery weather continues. Still no sign of frost in the forecast so I will feed and water the flowers again. And take some more pictures.
oops, my bloomers are showing!

Hydrangea, Lime Light

Hydrangea, Winky Pinky

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  1. Happy Birthday to your Grandson! Those mountains are awesome! Have a good, relaxing catchup weekend! Ada :)

  2. what a lovely visit, and a lovely trip. The hot springs look amazing! I would love to go there. Your garden looks like a nice place to be, pretty hydrangeas. Have a good weekend, Heather x