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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Autumn Arrives

Has it? Or not? The days are still unusually warm. Shorts weather at the end of September? Unheard of in northern Alberta. I am begining to long for the crispness of a frosty morning. However, the lengthening darkness signals the trees to change colour and the birds to pack up their nests and head south.

 Oh, little ladybug; where will you go when the frost arrives?

 A veiw of my home from the road.

The colours are changing on the inside too. What's on your kitchen table?

The carpenter pencils have been hanging about for a couple week. I always forget to take them with me when I head to the garage. I think I will keep forgetting for awhile longer.

Have a marvelous day, my friend. Thanks for popping around. Double thanks for comments.




  1. Lovely little ladybug! Don't worry, the frosts will soon be there! Ada :)

  2. Here in England the weather has turned chilly and sooooooo wet. It has been a wet summer and so far a very wet autumn with flooding in many areas over the past 2 days. Just a bit of your sunshine would be nice.

  3. Yep, thinking of lighting my burner tonight. It's turning cold quite quickly and the warmer layers are coming out. Enjoy your mild spell. That's a lovely ladybug picture by the way, and is that a meadow in front of your house? I expect you had some nice meadow flowers. Your leaves look like they are turning quite quickly over there. Heather x

    1. It is a hay field. In this part of the world, we take only one cutting. Although, this year, I am sure a second could have been made.

  4. Great snaps - especially the ladybug. Today is the first day this week when its going to be sunny - I am torn between taking photos outside or working on changing the indoor decor about for fall (after I finish my tea and little blog hopping, of course).