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Friday, 24 May 2013

Messy Masking Memories

Hello friends

Did you arrive here from Candace?  If not you may want to start with Jemma, who is the first stop in this hop.

My month as guest designer for Counterfeit Kit Challenge has felt like a lovely feather in my cap. The validation of being recognized by your peers give a boost to one's self-esteem, for sure.

Have not spent a lot of time in the studio. Winter has gone on vacation. We are going to be hosting the garden club in June.But I will make up for lack of scrap production when the weather turns. Too wet, too hot, or too cold (hope that isn't until October) will chase me back inside. Or maybe too many mosquitoes. They have been on the assault this week already.

For today I would like to share a couple of layouts that were made with my favorite student. My grandson Cohen, has been scrapping (with assistance) since he was four. His style is the antithesis to mine. Ink, paint, stamps, braying, if it need water to clean it up, he's all in!

These two layouts began as art projects with the intent to just play with products. After the messy background work had been completed, they looked so good we decided to turn them into layouts. The referencing support of the backgrounds to the photos, in both examples, was completely serendipitous.

It's a boy thing. Using a stipple brush, acrylic paints and an old plastic doily. Cohen pounced the paint with some colours overlapping. Then we dropped some alcohol inks on the top corner and used a Tim Holtz stamp. The tinker-toy ferris wheel he is building is referenced in the mask and the compass in the stamp, behind Mona's image. Chipboard die-cuts, brads, titles, and washi tape round it out. The "if you dream it, you can do it." was cut up to fit onto the chip ticket.

Zuma. Once again we used pouncing. This time over a piece of metal gift wrap ribbon that has all these holes in it. Lots more alcohol ink drops and another Tim Holtz stamp. When Cohen plays Zuma, he plays to loose. He cheers and laughs as his balls fall "down the drain." Cohen drew a Zuma track around some of the alcohol drops with smooch paint. CTMH buttons are arranged like the balls in the game. Cohen added the washi tape. Gramma penned the dotted border. And sticker letters for the title because who doesn't love to play with stickers?

Scrapping with children is so extremely rewarding.  Their naivety from not knowing any "rules" brings "outside of the box" thinking to the project. It has been a struggle to contain Cohen to thinking that his canvas should have a top and a bottom, as he places multiple photos in random orientations on the same layout.   And the pages serve us twofold. Once for the memory captured in the photo(s). And again when we look at the layout and remember the time we shared making it. I am blessed, indeed.

Thus concludes the CKC blog hop. I'll be back in a week or so, with a final report on  this months kit, "Mother May I?"and the layouts produced from it.

Thanks for dropping by. Double thanks for comments.


  1. LOvely creative Los with lots to keep the eyes busy. Love them

  2. I love the fact that you share your craft with your grandson! Yes they do love to clean up when waters involved don't they! :) x

  3. I'm liking Cohen's outside the box thinking, how lucky you are to have such a talented grandson to play with!

  4. Stunning, colourful and I can see how much fun you had making them :)

  5. You've been an awesome GD this month. Loved having you around. And as ever, you give us food for thought by showing us something creative by someone else! Yes, the fact that they don't know the rules can be so interesting. Hope you won't be too much of a stranger in the coming weeks.

  6. Lovely masking effect on both layout!!

  7. These are both SO MUCH FUN!!!!! Love all the layers of paints, inks, stamps, buttons. AWESOME!!!! Looks like you had a blast with these pages!

  8. Loving how you and your grandson made these together! Makes the memories doubly special! And the end results are super-fun!

  9. This is totally inspiring Sherrie - love that first page especially - so much creativity both in the background and the photo itself! Brilliant - and it's been great having you as GD :-)

  10. such fun and colorful pages! i bet your favorite student grandson cohen had a grand time. :)

  11. Green paint through the old doiley looks super. How nice you have someone to "help" you scrap.