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Monday, 6 May 2013

Messy Masking

It has always taken a big push to get me to dabble in messy techniques. I much prefer snipping bits of paper and putting glue dots on buttons, to anything that requires water in the application or clean-up.

So of course, my challenge from Bethany at CKC would be a gooder. I was asked to show a masking technique.

First I created a high-tech spray booth, using a box and a utility knife. 

I cut up triangles of white cardstock. Using a wee bit of adhesive runner on each piece, I laid them out in the pattern of a banner and spritzed with olive Glimmer Mist. Then I layered the next banner and spritzed the blue. Then the third banner and spritzed on the pink Glimmer Mist.
But why do just one. The mess is already there. May as well give it a second go.
Cutting up some more triangles and again, securing them lightly, this time I used a brayer and the same colours. I preferred the "water colour" effect that was achieved with this application.

The other thing that I liked was how the little triangles turned out with their mottled mixes. They had to show up on the layouts!

Lifting from Jaine at MyStampBox.com I used this blog-banner as my inspiration,
to put together two layouts. The first on the "brayerd" version.
 Where did the time go? If I had been a memory keeper a long time ago, I would know about this picture. Where are we? Why are we there? And
who's dog is that?

In between the title words, the details, as best as I can recall are in pencil.  This was done, not with the option to change the answers, but to indicate the uncertainty of my memories.

Where: Alberta Game Farm?
Did: Possibly the Teddy Bear's Picnic
Time: Around 1985 (July or August)

The tag on the left that prompts me to  "Remember"  but with the rest of it blank to indicate my ambiguity of loss.

The bottom left was a paper napkin that I Mod Podged on, (another messy technique, yea me!) just because I liked it. Not sure that was the best direction to go but it's done now. Heavy thread on the sewing machine adds texture.

By the second layout, I must have been getting my sea-legs. I like the balance and flow much better.

Family Matters. A moment in time. Easter Sunday spent at the home of Ivan and Janice Griffin, April 4, 2010. The Griffins gather to wave goodby as we leave. What do you you call a bunch of Griffins? A group? A gaggle? Or if you consider Janice's cute laugh...A giggle of Griffins.

I snuck in one of my counterfeit Project Life cards here. and used the same stitching idea. After they were both done. I changed my mind and preferred the spritzed method as it supports the whole layout. The brayerd one appears insipid and washed out.

So my best advice, besides making your self a spray-booth to contain the mess, is to try a variation or two. If you don't like how something looks, it doesn't have to turn into a layout. You might find another use for it. I have a 12x12 sheet that didn't make the grade being used as a drawer liner in my bedside table. Or it could go to the kid's craft box or even the circular file. Just let yourself try something outside of your usual techniques and see where you go with it.

Thanks for popping by. Double thanks for comments.


  1. go you with your messy techniques and experimentation! Two wonderful layouts - same but different but I have to admit to liking the spritzed one better too - I love the coloured you used and the masked banners are adorable.

    i love all the meaning you put onto your pages - the whole thing with using the pencil to represent your uncertainty is so very clever, so very thoughtful, so very inspiring. Just like you!

  2. I feel very proud that you should take my blog banner as your starting point, thank you. You've done a wonderful job with the layout and I'm also very taken with your home made spray booth, I might 'lift' that from you :)

  3. what fabulous ideas for your masking, and you even got cute embellishments from it too - wow.

  4. Lovely to see the process and the end result. I love that the masks become beautiful and can tie the page together by appearing elsewhere on it. I will be giving this a go myself soon. TFS