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Around the Block, August CKC

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Around the Block, August CKC

Wowzers! It’s a week into August already. This has been/is the best summer ever for me. Not only have I had time to spend on scrapbooking, sewing, and gardening, (my three reasons to get up in the morning) but also major projects in the yard and garden have come a long way. The tractor has harrows and a cultivator so now it is getting the weeds under control. The garden house is now dressed for a party, and the big fountain that I had been admiring for about four years was marked down to a price I could justify spending. It is a couple of weeks early but the anniversary gift/garden bench has arrived. Scads of perennials and annuals, and shrubs, and trees have been planted and are flourishing due to the most beautiful Alberta summer in my memory. 

Later this month we will spend a few days in Jasper National Park and in September, we will plant the fruit trees that were picked out last weekend.

But this week, it is time for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge. As the remainder of this blog details paper craft products, sheety friends are excused to go visit the more fabric oriented blogs.   This month the kit to copy is Summer Lovin’ from Scraporchard. Com

Colour pallet

The kit to copy


This weekend is the Rochester and District Agricultural Fair. The hamlet of Rochester is celebrating its centennial year. We like to participate in the parade, the bench show and the children’s activities. The parade is a hoot. Candy being thrown from tractors and wagons, quads and bicycles.  And the real quirky thing about it is that it circles around the block. So if you are sitting on the main street, you get to view it twice! With a nod to all the good people that make up the agricultural society and the work they do, I am calling this kit "Around the Block!"

Around the Block! Patterned Paper
I have been collecting paper for over six years. So sometime I know I have a piece just like the one in the kit. Finding it though, can be a test of determination. But I don’t mind the hunt. It get me reacquainted with so many lovely patterned papers and refreshes my memory as to what I have so that, perhaps next time, the matching process will be a bit faster. 
My twelve sheets of patterned paper, (as far as I can determine) are:

1 Red gingham, Checkered Tablecloth, Karen Foster Designs
2 Blue floral, uk (unknown)
3 Yellow hex, uk
4 Wide multi stripe with paisley background, uk
5 Solid taupe, uk
6 Multi confetti, uk
7 Green ledger, Fabric Store, Echo Park
8 Narrow multi stripe, uk
9 Light blue with sunglasses background, uk
10 Multi mini floral, uk
11 Dark denim, uk
12 Burlap photo, uk 

Many of these papers are from the start of my scrapping days. Back then I bought a whole wack of paper through ebay. I think most of it was Making Memories. It is a good thing when the manufacturer prints on the back or adds a strip with the design info. 

A few points in comparing my selection to the sample kit:

There is very little in the realm of the ever summery, gingham in my pp. (Make note for future acquisitions)

In the sample kit, #6 is a floral and #10 is a small confetti type of dot. I switched the patterns to better match the colour and energy of the example.

It was determined last month, during my first CKC, that I have no chevron pp. So #8 is a stripe. I’m thinking of it as a chevron that had a hot date with the ironing board.

#12 Having no wood grain photo paper, I subbed in the burlap photo paper that has the same tone. It would not be too hard to take a picture of some interesting wood and print it out but the idea for me at this time is to get my current stash onto pages. 

Then the fun stuff!

Kit to copy

 The example photo is such a hot mess, it is hard to figure out, item to item, the best matches so I worked from the list.

Around the Block! Embellies and Cardstock

First of all, the felt items. I was stumped on the bicycle, wagon and fruits. Not only do I not have these sorts of things in felt, I don’t have any ideas on how to use these items on pages. I subbed in felt flower boarders from Queen and Co. These were acquired at 70% off at a sidewalk sale that I happened upon during a holiday trip. This was back in my very early scrapping days. Can you imagine my delight? That day I bought EVERYTHING that I could lay my hands on. 

I do have some stickers of strawberries (Francis Mayer) and a bicycle (Sandy Lion), which I will try to incorporate but may just be put back in the drawers when done.

Banner. To be made (tbm). Over and over again. Made my first ones, in fabric and in paper, last month. Now I can’t get enough. Great tutorial on banners from product packaging here. 

Bookplates. Pack of six label holders by Heidi Snapp. They will probably have a makeover with a paintbrush.

Brads in two sizes and 6 colours, to affix the fore mentioned bookplates.

Buttons in four colours. A pill box of each.

Bottle caps, three. I really don’t know what to do with these. 

Clips, four. One plastic and three metal. 

Clouds, tbm.

Flags, three.

Flowers, a handful of Prima Marketing plus a few in fabric and some mini paper ones that need a home.

Old frame, 7 Gypsies overlay.

Paper frames, My Mind’s Eye and Hallmark.

Leaves, two, Making Memories.

Staples, copper and patterned, EK Success.

Stitched boarder and stitches, Rub-ons, Play Borders, by Daisy Bucket and Bella Journee, by Bo Bunny.

Ribbons/trims 6 assorted lengths.

Strings, four bakers twine, four paper floss by Karen Foster.

Tickets, three from 50/50 draws, and one by Tim Holtz.

Watercolour and grass scatters, tbm.

Paper border, a whole page full! June Bug, Basic Grey.

Denim Pocket, Hot Off the Press.

Label, rub-on, Bella Journee, Bo Bunny.

Rosettes, one. That’s all I have in my stash. Might have to try making some.

Tags, three, Making Memories.

Alphas, Going to use up some chip alphas I purchased way back at the beginning. I think they were Basic Grey. Will use paint to coordinate them. 

While pulling the elements together, of course there were a few that didn’t make the cut but I just gotta have them in here. This makes an add-on kit essential. To honour the bench show, which my family and I always participate in and have won many awards at, I am calling it “Best of Show”

Dream Street Papers, Everyday Celebrations, Creative Cuts. Lots of nifty words/phrases and a few borders. Nice mini floral on the backside too.

Yellow gingham, Apron Strings, Echo Park. The only true gingham pp I could round up.

Mulit graphic/floral, uk. 

Kraft glassine, Tim Holtz.

Ribbon photo corners, Martha Stewart.

Square die cut, TLC. 

Navy coragated, uk.

Die-cut Journal Spot, uk.

Glass drops, uk.

Swirly stickers, uk.

These last few items are truly odds and ends. Will feel very good to work them into the pages.

And the white ribbon with the holes punched in it, reminds me of Magic Mesh. It should make a neat-o mask. Looks like the featured (messy) technique for this kit will be paint.

So it all got tossed into a sweet little basket that helps set the mood. And I am off to the fair!
Thanks for stopping by. Double thanks for comments.


  1. Hi, looking forward to the garden reveal!
    My friend Sarah who I blogged about makes her own cards, she has a huge cupboard full of all things 'scrapbookie' when we start out Crafty get togethers I'm going to have a go! You never know in time, all the above that you wrote might make some sense!!! Glad you have time to do what you like to do! Ada :)

    1. Oh Ada, give it a go! I am sure you will enjoy it.You can make it as complicated or as easy as you like. There are many that take card making into the realm of art. I am not that good at it. Card making is a quick craft for me. Uses up bits and pieces. Take little space, so can be done while traveling. And it doesn't strain my brain. Kinda of auto-pilot creative mode.

    2. I'll try! I've put you forward for an Award, nip over and 'pick' it up when you get a chance! Ada :)

  2. Oh, I really enjoyed reading your post! Lots of funny bits & always love looking over someone's shoulder & learning their process. Your kit looks terrific - good luck using it all up, and how fun about your parade - such clever names for your kit parts, too!

  3. What a perfect name for your kit and I chuckled at your comment about the chevron paper that had a hot date with an ironing board! Oh and I do hope you scrap pics of your party in the garden room!

  4. hey there lady. Just found you through the comment you left on my blog. Didn't know you had a blog and that you were still participating on CKC. I haven't gotten on that wagon yet, but a lot of my the LOADsters do it so i losely follow. I like your kit and look forward to seeing your creations. xo

    1. Hi Pam! I have wondered when you might stumble upon me here. I am so happy you visited! Last month was the first time I activly participated in CKC. I love keeping up with the different friends made through LOAD also. Going to pop around to WM for a bit now.

  5. What a fun kit, and I love the basket you are storing it in!

  6. This looks like such a fun kit - and I agree, sorting through your papers to make your kits is a great way to see exactly what you have!

  7. Oh please come and do my garden!!!!! :) :) :)

    Your kit is so pretty, it's just like the inspiration!!! I love love love it!

  8. Well, I agree with you that the sample photo was a hot mess. I had to start from the list too. You've done a fine job pulling your kit together - it's adorable stored in your basket (I'm a bit of a basket nut).