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Friday, 31 March 2017

Cawfee Bird

It is a lamby sort of day here in mid/central/northern Alberta. And time for me to get this posted if I am to maintain consistency with my commitment to participate with Counterfeit Kit Blog and share each month.

This layout began in January with the kit from Kaisercraft, Ubud Dreams.

Silly story alert. During January, I pulled papers that would have make a nice kit but never completed or posted said kit. I did however come up with the plan to create (at least) one layout per month based on that months kit. To make up for lack of creative time irl, whenever I get to the city, I go  shopping for supplies. At the end of January, I stopped at LSS and asked, "Hey, have you got any Udon Bliss?" The nice young man didn't bat an eye. Took me over to the correct display. What a great salesperson. Give them what they want, not what they say they want. Anyways as I looked at the display and recognized my error, I was filled with mirth, realizing that if I made a kit and shared it, I would have called it "Happy Noodles"

While deciding on what to drag home with me, I remember sassy scrapper Lynnette teaching us that if you are shopping on a budget, a package of die cuts is an excellent value and offers you trendy bits to keep your layouts looking fresh and up to date. I chose some 12x12 papers and the ephemera die cuts package and skipped all the way home (in my head of course.)

Fast forward to March 1st the kit to copy is Hip Kit Club's February kit. This is mostly Crate Paper, Maggie Holmes, Chasing Dreams collection.

Drawing on the shades of teal and medium wood tones in the main kit (above) and the embellishment and project life kits, I made this layout:

The Cawfee bird is a common species easily recognized by its stumbling gait and wailing, drawn out call of "CAWFEE." Usually seen in the early hours of the day, the Cawfee bird can also be sighted near beverage emporiums in the afternoon. Creatures of habit, their ritualistic behaviour of feeding and grooming is practised with unwavering regularity. Once one of these sites is located, they can easily be studied. Watchers should disguise themselves as baristas and carry a tray of tasting samples to encourage a good display.

Size: Grande
Plumage: Dishevelled in the A.M.
Habitation area: Kitchens, coffee bars, coffee shops
Population: Dense in urban areas. Less so in rural.

Bubbles are epoxy dots. Alphas are thickers.
The "documented" tag is from the Ubud Dreams ephemera pack.

Happy Noodles indeed!

Thanks for stopping by. Double thanks for comments.


  1. What an eye-catching page - wonderful.

  2. He he love your description. Fantastic layout.