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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Potluck Party

Sunrise; 5:19 A.M. June 28, 2012

Yesterday I hosted a chicken barbeque for 18. The potluck offered a fine variety of salads and desserts. Just how ladies like it.

Potato Salad
Rice and Edemame
Taco Salad
Pasta Salad

Broccoli, grapes and almonds. This was the first bowl to be emptied!
Creamy decadence...
..and healthy fruit choices.

Silly Napkins

Sherman on patrol

Gertrude adding some beauty to the table setting.

For the entertainment we held a "brown bag" auction. Each of us wrapped up some white elephants from around our homes in brown and sometimes colourful gift bags. The bidding can get quite heated when a couple of people take a liking to the same lot.

I was kept busy following


in an effort to capture

those chubby baby knees

in her cute, little, short-shorts.

And this morning, Gertrude is  enjoying coffee with me, beneath some of the biggest, most humongus peonies ever.....

Hope your day is filled with beauty, also.

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