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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Muddle Puddle Muse

Greetings and Salutations. And how are you this fine day?

Things at Muddle Puddle Hollow are whipping into a frenetic crescendo. We are getting ready to move. Literally and figuratively. Through the months of  April and May our household and garden will be moving to an 80 year old farm through. That is nearly ancient in this part of the world. It will have a real barn and outbuildings and mature trees. Well in fact it has trees so mature they are all dead, but that's for another post. As the new location is less than two miles away, it will be a long move with many trips using my mini van. We will be living in two locations for the next six to eight weeks.

The scope of the challenge this new home presents, to rebuild, refurbish, renew, is on such a scale that it deserves it's own voice and second platform for blogging has been launched under the banner of "Old. Tired. Ugly."

My first foray in bloggy-world, "Muddle Puddle" has evolved from a chatty place to share life's comings and goings, to a platform that showcases my scrapbooking journey. In a way, through the scrapbook layouts, you still get a view of the variety of activities that makes up life in this household. With the addition of the second blog, you can choose to keep up with the hands on nitty gritty(OTU), or skip along through the high points that get showcased in 12x12 format (MP). Or even still, (and I know at least two or three of you love me enough to do this, KP, MW, RB?) you might keep up with both.

So as the spring breezes blow and the last of the snow and ice dissipates from the driveway, why don't you come over for a little visit over a cuppa? I'm putting the pot on now at "Old. Tired. Ugly."

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  1. ooo, interesting! How exciting to be moving to somewhere with character which will need some TLC to turn it into your new home. I will be following along as best I can. It's always so interesting for me to see the snippets of your northern life to entice me! :-)