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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Round up, Good Friends, CKC 0415

Quickly now, as I don't have much time. Scheduled to be at a trade show in 89 minutes. In an effort to squeeze 36 hours into each day, I try to work using the 80/20 rule and not sweat the minor imperfections in my work. Typos be darned!!

Aprils Kit to copy was messy box by my messy life.

Messy Box
 My version, Good Friends has many (for me) counterfeit parts to it.
Good Friends 
The "Today is a Gift" overlay did not get onto a layout but I am enoying it on my bulletin board.

Lots of "messy" work on ^this^ one. I bought soft pastels because I couldn't find Gelatos last month to add to kit. Then when I finally found Gelatos, they gave me sticker shock! The package of 24 soft pastels cost about the same as one Gelato, and the G's didn't come in the colours I was looking for.

Any ways, I smudged blue and pink pastels on the background paper. Then dropped black re-inker, and then a couple of spritzes of Mr. Huey in pinstripe. It is the first use of my first Mr.Huey. I really like it!

|Anyways, note to messy box creators. If you don't have to wash your hands and clean your desk top, after, it is not being messy.

Barely can be considered a kit page. The only kit items used were Heidi Swapp stickers.
Reads: Have you seen this man? Wanted in more than three counties for his quick wit and gentle charm. Loved by dogs and children everywhere. Legendary for his ability to fix that which is broken, ("(fla) mingo") build winning parade entries (with duct tape and binder twine) and leave his DNA signature on every project. If you haven't seen him, you should! He is amazing.

And the last layout that "killed the kit"
I was very please with the youthful quality of this kit. It contributed to getting most of the photos, gifted from friends and family into albums.

And now I have 50 minutes to get myself presentable and show and tell Thirty-One Gifts at the trade show in Athabasca. Nice to squeeze in a little visit with you.

Thanks for dropping by. Double thanks for comments.


  1. You got a lovely variety of layouts from your kit. The lilacs one is my favorite. I haven't tried gelatos yet either, and hearing that they're pricey makes me think I won't be using them for a while.

  2. Another witty post here with a plethora of wonderful layouts! Of course I love that layout about your amazing guy the best!!! Fabulous work and I didn't spot any typos!!!

  3. Great pages all, you were really working that kit well.

  4. I will have to return & give these a closer look-see...
    I don't remember paying a lot for my gelatos, but I had coupons ;-)
    The kiddos are all getting too big, too quickly.
    I really enjoyed the youthful quality of the Messy Kit, too, but you are absolutely correct about them needing to get their hands dirty, lol!