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Saturday, 22 August 2015

What a difference a decade makes.

Ten years. One decade. More than fifty albums. Over two thousand layouts. And still counting.

This summer marks the 10 year anniversary of when I said I was going to make AN album.

Having always been one to flit around through different crafting capabilities, no one could have foreseen how big a role scrapping would play in our lives. Or how much money it would consume. Besides scrapping supplies, there is furniture, lighting, paint, cameras, printers, and let's not forget retreats. I am fond of the quote, "Most of my money is spent on scrap supplies and good wine. The rest is just wasted."

Around the five year mark, darling daughter commented to me that I had not, as I would normally do, moved on to something else. She was surprised I was still doing this. "So am I." I replied. "So am I."

It is interesting to note how this discipline slowly reveals your inner self. One small layer at a time is pulled back and every once in a while you get a glimpse or insight to what really makes you tick.

Lately I am wondering about "to what end do I do this?" I like to play with paper and make a page that supports the photo. Sometime taking a rather dodgy shot and turning it into something quite special. As I keep doing it, the layouts pile up, the albums fill the shelves. I wonder, how many albums is enough? How many is too much?

When I started, I used to have  six or eight ideas each day. Now I have a couple of ideas a month. Am I moving towards the end of my love affair with scrapping?

Recently I came to the conclusion that I really like to collect paper and alphabets. And the rest I can pretty well live without. Had I figured this out sooner, we might have save hundreds or even thousands on such peripherals as cricuts and copics and way too many embellishments.

I have to thank Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog and the master forgers for the help they have been over the past three years. As I move into my second decade of this craft, I hope they will continue to be there to assist me with inspiration and motivation. I have come a long way. Yet I have so much further to go.

A layout from 2008,

and a more current layout.
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  1. Sherrie. What a lovely post and congratulations on your 10 year anniversary. I'll hit ten years in January but I think I have at least as many layouts - ha ha. Glad to hear that CKC help keep you inspired but I really wouldn't worry that you might be reaching the end of your scrapbooking time. Or at least I hope not!!! I love having you in our little inner circle and you inspire me with your fun attitude towards this wonderful hobby of ours. I have now met FOUR of my internet scrapbooking friends but you are still on my list! I will get there - be sure of it!!! and then we will scrap together. I love to see how your style has changed and how often you scrap your happy relationship - girl after my own heart.

    Keep scrapping girl and don't worry about the number of ideas you have or even the number of albums. Enjoy the ride. You are an important part of mine!

  2. Now you have started me on a quest to discover how long I have been scrapping. One of its biggest blessings is when a connection is made with a kindred spirit - a scrapsista by another mother. You are such a one. xoxoxo