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Monday, 22 October 2012

Morning Breese

Introducing a new esty shop. Morning Breese.

I jumped in the puddle with both feet today. All the whining and procrastinating was tossed aside. "I don't have good pictures. I don't have paypal set up the way I want. blah,blah,whine whine"  Aspiring to one of my favorite mantras, "done is better than perfect" we are now open for business.

And what would I have to share as my wares? I am so glad you asked! Since early this year I have been rescuing old shirts and turning them into shopping bags. At first I was giving them away. And people were taking them! But even more unbelievable to me was that some of them were also passing me a spot of cash to help with the cause.  Then I took them to a craft show and people bought them! We have been using these t-shirts come shopping bags for about a half a year now. The ladies at our grocery store know us for our bags. If we forget to bring them in with us, they inquire where they are?

So now I step timidly into the market, politely offering my little product that is helping save the world, one shopping bag at a time. Just to get the party started, any order on etsy gets an extra bag as a thank you. And just because I enjoy making these bags and I believe they will help make a difference, if you want to email me your address, I will send you one just because we are friends. (I guess I should have some sort of limit on this so lets say the first 20 requests and offer expires Nov 30, 2012)

Oh and if you want to go see the shop? (I am so flattered)


should get your there. Will have to add a tab at top of this page too.

While you are at esty, Please visit the new shop of Ada, also known as Vintage Sheet Addict.


She has been ever the inspiration to me to just get on with things and do it.


  1. Congratulations on opening your Etsy shop. Your bags look very nice.Good luck with your sales.
    I will e-mail you my address if you are happy to post to the UK.
    I want to open a shop on Folksy, after Christams, with baby blankets. I am working on some stock at the moment as they take time to do. I have 4 knitted and 1 crocheted. They are a bit girly so need to make some boy colours.

    1. Thanks Carol, for your interest in my bags. One has been sent to you today. This has given me some valuable experience on shipping costs. I look forward to browsing your wares when you open your Folksy shop.

  2. well done Sassey! such a great use of old t-shirts! I will go and have a look, Heather x

  3. Thanks for giving me a mention! Great recycling there! I've got lots of recycled bags, haven't used plastic bags for agaes, none quite so inventive though! Ada :)

  4. What wonderful bags!!! I love them they are great. I use the Publix bags every time I go shopping. Yours are cooler and I am assuming can be washed since they are made out of t-shirts!!! Good Luck with your shop!

    1. Beth, please email me at sassybrees@live.ca so I can send you a bag.