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Monday, 14 December 2015

Pajama Day

Here in Northern Alberta, Canada , winter is settling in again.  With shorter days and mornings that greet you with freshly fallen flakes, my attention turns to that space in the corner that is filled with potential. My scrappy desk.

Today, I am especially motivated to sit here. You see, I have a bad cough, AND LYNGITIS! I tease Robin with messages over facebook, that I am giving him the silent treatment.

I got this way due to a renewed interest in politics. Considering the last couple of weeks, it could be said it is more like a passion or obsession. This is all over a truly bad Bill, passed by our Provincial Legislature. Well I know you didn't come here to read about our government, so I will spare you from a dissertation. I just wanted to say, that canvasing with a cold can lead to no voice at all! So....today has been declared "Pajama Day!"

Got the desk tidied up last night in anticipation of this important day.  Started the morning by reading Counterfeit Kit Blog and Scrapbook Generation's latest (and last) e-zine

This month at CKC, the Master Forgers are blogging about the kit they have made for December and sharing about an album or project they are working on. Today, Kelly shared her kit filled with October Afternoon and Freckled Fawn. Her colour scheme of Red and Turquoise is exactly what I have been thinking of doing. Although I don't have a December kit, yet, I have been gathering items of inspiration towards it.

Kelly's Kit on CKC blog

Beautiful Beginnings
The launch point of my Dec kit is the delightful '50's candy dish. I added in the thank you gifts I received from my Origami Owl consultant, and Heidi Swapp paper tape. Who knows where this might lead.....or not....

The long and the short of it is that I wanted to declare this PJ day, and then (hopefully) dig in and have some paper fun. As long as I can stay off Facebook and the many groups and threads discussing Alberta's current state of affairs.

If I succeed, I will be back with a report on production, soon. But not tomorrow, as I will have to leave early to exercise my civic rights, and protest at the steps of our Legislature. Darn politics. Interrupting my scrappy fun.

Thanks for stopping by. Double thanks for comments.


  1. Altho unplanned, I, too am still in my nightie (after 4pm!!) Had gifts to make for a party tonite. I think I will blog about it. I have a selfie but don't know how to post it here, which is just as well! SCRAP ON, Sista!

  2. Well! I simply adore that candy dish and think that I need one like that too!!! So cute and just adorbs. Maybe I'll get my sister on the case over in the UK (nothing like thrift stores really over here - well not that I'm aware of). Simply gorgeous and a PJ day sounds perfect. I gathered something was going on over here in AB after noting your FB feed. Good to get your teeth into something you feel passionate about. I'm not vocal enough sometimes although I feel like I'm debating about stuff all day every day in my lessons! Look after yourself and what a wonderful start to your kit - keep going and make sure you share the results .- I'm up at the end of the week - if only I could get my post done!

  3. Delightful is an understatement of the charm of that candy dish. Love it.

  4. I'm hoping that you are fully recovered now - a great starting point!

  5. I love PJs! So pleased that you found some inspiration in our Document December kits and that your kit came out so fabulously x