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Friday, 1 January 2016

Round up and Review fpr 2015

Hello friends. Time to report in with completed layouts.

It is a bit embarrassing to say I have 8 counterfeit kits, at my desk.

So I guess my new year's resolution must be to stop running my fingers through all the lovely bits, and start building something with them.

I was in a real stale funk this last while. But I busted thought the brick wall of scrappers block when I found a course at Scrapbook Generation, on using 6x6 paper pads.

And then "BAM!" I was on fire!

 Don't Look Back. This is one of the page kits, I made up last spring. Off cuts of pp, a 12x12 overlay, a pocket card that made me laugh, and some photo copies of old family pictures. Under the overlay, I wrote in the names of the people in each picture.

 Another one of those page kits. I think that is the last of the moustache pictures.

The next few are from my December kit, Good Tidings and they draw from the 6x6 class for their design.

 Sparkle and Shine.  In this case the paper was cut into 1"x3" pieces to make the patchwork, also a 6x6 piece for the title/journal area.

 A Visit With Santa. 2 - 6x6 squares with 6x4 and 4x4 forming the bottom shelf.

Annual Christmas card from my brother. I treated the photo card as a 6x6 and built around it, finishing with a washi border.

The Zombie Plants, used a 6x6 page for the journaling.

Hoar Frost, uses embellis from Good Tidings.

Back to the 6x6 class but now using June's kit Spring Forward for the next three.

I got quotes from Rebecca over Christmas. I just asked her questions and quickly wrote down her answers. Then chose the best for her pages.

 The next two are not from the 6x6 class but both originated from Scrapbook Generation sketches

I am really happy with Home Spa Day as I remembered to use my cuttle bug.

Which Came First is from May kit, Good ol' Days

So that is my November to December completed layouts.
Thanks for dropping by. Double thanks for comments.


  1. It's ok-I always have a few kits at the ready! It's fun making kits!

  2. Well, you might have a few kits hanging around, but you certainly dug into them with all these scrummy layouts. Isn't it fabulous when that funk lifts and you are just on a roll!

  3. Wow - that 6x6 class definitely inspired you! That must have helped to put a good dent in the kits you already made - love it when something lights the fire of inspiration!

  4. On fire, indeed! That's some serious scrapping right there! Loving all of your Christmas/December layouts (I'm still working on some of mine!) They are so full of fun!

  5. Clapping my hands with glee! Oh, Sherrie - you have truly outdone yourself, and she's a tough act to follow, hehe. Fun choice of the quote on the heritage photos ;) & the papers combine a vintage vibe but totally fresh - not so easy to do. 'Stache page so perfectly playful! Drop dead gorgeous photo of you two on the Sparkly & Shine page. Had to laugh at the "cheeky" word art on the Santa page! I was wondering what to do with my photo Christmas cards as I hate to pack them away for a whole year - I wouldn't have noticed that it was their card as it just seemed like a beautiful page of the fam. You are SO RIGHT about the sunflowers & I adore that you put it down for posterity, lol - my kind of layout (I swear, I can see them moving! Hoar Frost is a delicate delight. Stunning pages of oh-so-grown-up Rebecca - she will love how special you've made her feel. And I am totally scraplifting your chicken/egg spread for my own photos of the girls helping Greg build our chicken coop many years ago. Take a bow!

  6. What a lovely look back through all those splendid layouts. I especially like the Santa pages. And I too need a nudge to start using my 6 x6 pads - thanks for that.