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Monday, 25 June 2012

Shopping Spree and Fabric Flowers

Went to my favorite re-sale shop today. Riddle Used Store in Athabasca, Alberta. Had in mind a retro look for a barbeque I am hosting this Wednesday. Came away with dishes and doodads and magazines and cookie tins, and plant pots and the list goes on.  Baskets, fake fruit, scented wax for melting.

A charming salt shaker, I have named Sherman.

A cute cow pitcher that hence forth will be known as Gertrude.

Lots of plates in retro patterns and colours.

Delightful pasta bowls and a Morrocan inspired mirror.

A couple of pieces of barkcloth.

And much more, all for about $10. It is the best little shop in the world. Well, at least in the world, as far as I venture out into it.

On my last trip to the Farmer's Market, I purchased two packages of pre-cut fabric circles. Each bag had about 100 circles  in coordinating patterns and colours. What to do with a bunch of circles? I stacked them, sewed on a button, snipped them and put them through the wash and ended up with cheerful flowers. A little thick for a page embellishment, but I think they would be dandy on a card.

Going out to start the lawn mower. I am telling my self it is like going for a walk, and that is supposed to be a good thing to do. I am not convincing me very well. I should be having a cup of tea.

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