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Sunday, 24 June 2012

A Not So Sunny, Summer, Sunday

Woke up, way to early, to the sound of rain. Which really puts a hamper in the idea of getting the lawn mowed. Today is crop day. Darling Daughter and her best friend worked on invitations for bestie's wedding. I finished two pages. One is a pocket folder to hold a bunch of birthday cards that didn't get included on the pages about the event. A staggered accordion interior, holds the cards at different levels.

The other is a pretty, pretty page for a special Valentine's Day card.

Beckyboo was a big help in the studio. Dropping buttons into the typewriter was her favorite activity.

Later, while having cookies and milk, she was undaunted when big brother dipped his cookie into his milk. She just tipped her sippy cup over and poured a puddle on the table. Dip, dip.....it's all good.

Company has all gone home now. Toys have been marshaled back into their proper places until the next visit from wee ones. I'm having a cuppa and wondering what you have been up to?

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