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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Journal Cards

Have been toying with the idea of the project life approach to memory keeping. And when I saw this idea on the Counterfeit Kit site, yesterday, to make journal cards, it took me a step closer to joining the parade.

So I zipped up a dozen and a half cards while watching a movie.

I followed the steps on the Counterfeit site, pretty closely.
  • Cut 3"x4: rectangles from various ledger and graph papers in my stash.  
  • Tape strips of scrap paper down the sides/top of the journal blocks.  
  • A small punch adds  detail to a few of the journal spots.  
  • Random mini word and/or phrase stickers lend some personality.   
  • A little washi tape, here and there adds the next dimension. 
  • Messy stitching on each card, adds texture.
  • Finally, a corner rounder gives a finished look.     
    Kinda pleased with the results.


Today has been rainy. Indoor type weather. With Cohen and Becky to entertain me, we were digging though the kids craft supplies and I pulled out a box of bits and bobs that were leftover from a foray into Artist Trading Cards. I tried my hand at ATC about six years ago, before I found scrapbooking. It didn't fly with me, but I kept the eclectic selection of supplies I had compiled,  thinking it would come in handy for a kids craft.

Well it came in handy today. I pumped out about 30 little cards. These will be great for my TOPS group for notes of encouragement and congratulations.

I  stamped most of them with a journal spot and filled in some of those with funny and inspiring quotes. Lots of inked edges too. I like inking the edges because it is cheap, effective and fast.

A few will have to migrate to my reading pile. These will be the cat's whiskers as bookmarks.

'Til next time. 


  1. Hi sherrie, thanks for visiting my blog! You look like you have been having some fun family times lately! I don't do any scrap booking but I do have an ever growing collection of 1960/70s wallpaper so watch this space! Ada:)

    1. Hi Ada, thanks for commenting. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with for paper projects with all that wall paper.

  2. Love your cards! Sooo cute! I love the blue and red, for sure. And your cards with the quotes are sooo cute and funny! May have to lift a few of the quotes from ya!