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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Round-up for Ocular Distractions

Twenty four pages of layouts were realized from my October counterfeit kit, Ocular Distractions. At times it felt like the most challenging of collections to work with. Thought about abandoning it a couple of times. The combination was not anything I felt comfortable with. But the reality of it would be that if I dismantled the kit, the same papers would still be in my stash. And they would be mocking me every time I came across them.  So I pressed on, buoyed by the daily prompts from LOAD and the supportive comments posted to each layout in flikr. And in the end, I found some lovely layouts hiding in this unlikely (and previously unloved) combination. Most of the layouts can be found through the flikr link above. But just for fun and for your convenience, here are a few of my favorites.

As is my new happy habit, the final bits and snips went into a stack of journal cards.

The left over alphas,
Were given a couple of coats of StazOn ink to unify them.

And reorganized together to give them another chances at being worked into a layout.
All the bits remained from the October kit (die-cuts, mini alphas, pins and eyelets) were returned to the stash.

This weekend has been filled with shopping for candy and decorating the house. Dressing for costume parties and cavorting with friends. Designing loot bags for Mr. Muddle's team at work.
We love Halloween.

Excuse me, I have to go test some more of the candy now.


  1. I really like the garden one, the best picture has to be the last one though, priceless! Parcel posted out to you last Friday! Ada :)

  2. Great photo! I'm assuming that's both of you. It sounds like halloween is pretty big in Canada. Enjoy, Heather x

    1. Yes, Heather, that is us. Mr. Muddle is big on Halloween and regrets when it is during the week and he is away at work. He reported by phone, last night that his room at work is now decorated and feeling festive. We don't get many children, due to being in the country, but those that show up are treated very well.

  3. Those scrapbook pages are delightful, they truly are, and I love the one with the bow tie! I love doing journal cards, I recently took a deck of cards and made a mini album out of them, I love that kind of thing... Thank you for stopping by my blog, I love meeting new people, and I agree with you about storing the stuff for the kids, I think you're right on track, but I won't be taking all of my things to England with me, a lot will remain in storage. I look forward to visiting you more... Happy Halloween!

  4. Wow, you have been busy with some great pages!! And that Thickers trick is a great one, I'll have to remember it.

  5. i am always astounded by your output and the size of your kits to give you so many pages. i love the ones you've highlighted here - especially the first. and the idea for the journal cards and alphas is great.
    I didn't do Halloween today apart from a few candles outside and we have three kids at the door - it's not big here in Germany and the tradition isn't yet here in the same way as at home. but when we have time, we always have a little costume party/dinner with the family and they always join in! love the way we merge our cultures

  6. Well as if I wasn't impressed enough with the fact that you did 24 layouts, and the fact that you've shown us some great ones, I am totally blown away with your productivity and re-organization of the leftovers. You go girl!

  7. It's a whole new side of you! Sounds like you had fun, as usual! I loved your work during LOAD - hard to believe you didn't like the kit as it produced some outstandingly creative pages :~D