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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Tag! You're it!

Random photo hiding on this computer. (Must transfer photo files to my main laptop.)

I have been tagged by Ada at Vintage Sheet Addict! So you will find out a little more about me, hope it doesn't bore you too much!

The Rules:

Each tagged person must post 11 random facts about themselves.

Answer the 11 questions set by previous blogger.

Create 11 more questions.

Tag 11 more blogs, with less than 200 followers. (I will arbitrarily reduce this number to 5. )

Inform the blogs they've been tagged! 

I am tall (5'9"), left-handed, love cats, like dogs, hate rodents, have a sleep dis-order, played piano in my yonger years, would rather play in the dirt (garden) than play in a pool (don't like to get wet), drink only Starbucks coffee (prefer Guatemala with its chocolate undertones), can drive a stick-shift, love to watch the sun-rise (morning person).

Ada's questions answered:

What's on your bedside table?
Lamp, still on from this morning. Bottled water sitting on coster. Empty pill dish. (good for me! I often forget my morning Rx) Magazine on organizing.

What's on the top of you wardrobe?
The decorative pillows that sit on the bed once in awhille. (usually only when company is coming)

Happiest memory?
Meeting Mr. Muddle. It was love at first sight for both parties.

Favourite toy as a child, or adult?
My dolls and their beautiful clothes that were made by a maiden aunt.

Your perfect holiday destination?
Japer Park Lodge.

Spring or Autumn?
Autumn. Usually it is not wet and mucky, like Spring is.

What's your moto, number one rule, you live your life by!
Nothing lasts forever. The bad times will end. The good times will end too. Enjoy the latter while you are there and hang on through the former.

If you had a time machine, what year would you like to land in? 2100, I would love to meet my great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter(s).

Roast dinner or fish and chips?
 Roast and mashed taters.

What makes you 'belly laugh'?
Rick Mercer's on the street interviews "Talking to Americans!"

Favourite outfit, past or present?
At home: LL Bean fleece pjs. Look like loungewear. Lots of days I don't change out of them. Except to put on a fresh pair for bed. I have four sets, Green, plum, blue and rose.
Out and about: My new clingy top that hugs the curves "just so" and my new skinny jeans.

Whew! ok my 11 questions.

What are your reading right now?

If you could have lunch with any one person that is alive today, who would it be and why?

Now, if you could have lunch with any one person in ALL OF HISTORY! who would you choose and why?

What is one action, or inaction you regret.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

What was your favorite candy as a child?

What is your favorite treat, today?

Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

If I gave you a $100 (or euros or pounds or whatever....) with the instruction that you must spend it today, what would you do with it?

What is one item you own, that you really should throw away but probably never will.

What was your favorite thing to pretend when you were a young child?

And finally, who gets to play next! I want to recognize five of my most recent regulars (I don't like the term "followers" It sounds affected)

Carol at Tales from Spring Cottage   (frugal lifestylist)

Julie aka Glory Girl     (Christ centered scrapbooking)  

Michelle of Minky P Noo (textiles and fabric crafts)  

Cari-Jane of Hybrid Handmade (creator of wearable sculpture)  

and Linda  of Odd and Old (eclectic creations and found objects)

Hope you enjoy this game. Change it up how ever you like to make it work for you.



  1. Thanks for joining in! I haven't forgot you, will send a parcel soon! Been very busy!!! Ada :)

  2. lovely to hear about you Sassy, I see we share a love of Starbucks and so sweet to hear you and mr Muddle was love at first sight!! Heather x

  3. Thank you for the invite, I will have to get my thinking cap on. I enjoyed reading about yourself

  4. Oh, thank you for tagging me! I shall work on this...might take me a while!