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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Wellington's Winter Wonderland

We had the good fortune to visit our favorite garden center a few days after they had received a large dump of snow.

 The statuary was wearing hats made of snow.

 I snapped images until my fingers started to sting from the cold. Then returned to the gift shop to ponder what precious items should be on my letter to Santa.


  1. Hi Sassey, I suspect cake and hot drinks was also part of this visit! no snow here yet, but lots of frost! Heather x

  2. Go gosh it all looks so Christmassy! We have freezing temperatures but no snow! Hope you are well and getting ready for Christmas! :) x

  3. Lovely pictures.
    There is no snow in our part ofEngland but the temperatures are freezing at the moment then rain at the weekend.