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Friday, 1 November 2013

Wrap up for Country Cousins

The June mega kit, Country Cousins, has been providing inspiration throughout the summer and now still, into fall. Last weekend, I took it to a retreat and blew through it, decimating its contents. On Wednesday, at Scrapbook Club, I used some that last snips to make counterfeit Project Life cards. At first I tried to keep track of which of the two kits, the layout came from. Either Sam and Mel, or Heather and Gwen. But then when the four kits started to play together, I couldn't tell them apart so for convenience they were all filed together.

Started with a busy layout, all layered up just like my dear subject in the photo.

Used some low quality pics off facebook. Turned the fuzzy one to b&w and layered vellum over it to distract from the pixelation.

It was a special Mom's day. We were all together (surprisingly rare considering the close proximity we are to each other) and 2013 brought around my mother's 80th birthday.

I hope that my scrapbooking can evolve to being less event oriented and more subject motivated.

Oops, not done. Need some journaling to tell the story here.

Do you scrapbook special cards too? My problem is that they are all special to me.

Rebecca and Cohen shared their birthday party.

Because the kit was around for several months, and because I printed lots of pictures on Mother's Day right after our dinner. I kind of lost track of what I had scrapped and have several similar layouts. Oh well, I really enjoyed making them.

This lo was for Whimsical Musings 100 celebration.

Probably go back to this one and fill it up. Too much "white space" for me to feel comfortable with it. Or maybe I can convince myself it's a "zen thing" and call it done.

Very happy with Garden Girl. The journaling is about how when Rebecca saw these photos a couple of months after they were taken, she declared "I want to do it again!"

 It was a banner day when we brought home our new acquisition. A '56 Chevy.

Lady Lucy had her first spa day experience. I took apart and used the flower that they had pinned to her collar. 

A simple, quick layout. No dimension. No array of products or techniques. Just photos, paper, a strip of ribbon and adhesive. 

Really enjoyed making this one. Photo taken of the view just outside my kitchen window.

Cropped down 4x6 photos to 3x3. Note to self, try this more often.

The last day of the weekend retreat, I took inspiration from Lisa H and a single photo layout with lots of layers of paper. Using assembly line techniques, I laid out four pieces of cardstock that were left in the kits. Chose a photo for each one. Then sorted all the off cuts to each photo/cardstock combo that it best supported. Next, keeping half an eye on a sketch I had made of Lisa's work I assembled four layouts in about five hours.

Then I finished off the bits with a small stack of  journal cards.
And thus I concluded the mega (four-in-one) kit, Country Cousins to be completed and kissed it goodbye.  Just two full sheets and two half sheets of pp remained to return to the stash. Normally I would have pushed through to the end, bringing in more paper and items from stash to keep the mojo moving, but I was eager to finish this kit and get ready for the next Counterfeit Kit Challenge, which starts today, so I will see you again soon with a new kit reveal. That was quite a long sentence, so you need to read it really fast, just like I would say it, all in one breath.

Thanks for dropping by. Double thanks for comments.


  1. What a brilliant kit that has been - a great bunch of pages. Love so many of them and adore the PL cards with the left-overs!

  2. Super, stunning, stupendous...that was one MARATHON session with your mega kit! Please post these on your Flickr so I can see the yummy details better & can comment, one by one?

  3. That must have been a mega kit! Loved seeing all of your layouts, thanks for sharing :)

  4. well, of course you know that I'm totally flattered that you were inspired to make FOUR layouts with all those pretty layouts! Well done you and four layouts in just a couple of hours is quite an achievement - much much faster than me! I have to say though that I think the rainbow layout is my absolute fave. What a stunner! I've missed you SO much Sherrie! Glad to see you back in the fold and hope to see you around now a lot more until the good weather entices you back outside LOL

  5. The layouts are all wonderful, the kit works so well together that you chose

  6. So many beautiful layouts - I love them all! Great work.