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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Wrap up for "Mother May I?"

Sometime during the month of May, I seem to have fallen off the scrappy wagon. It was no surprise that the fine summer kept me outside, trimming trees and picking posies. But even, when I was inside, the paper muse just didn't seem to call me to the studio to putter and play.

I still enjoyed making my monthly Counterfeit Kit Challenge. But by July, I had five kits built and on the go. With no layouts coming from them, I called a moratorium on kit building. When the kits are used up or dismantled, I promised myself, (and my CKC friends) that I could again, indulge in the guiltless pleasure of shopping my stash to build a new kit.Today, I am a step closer to joining in the fun again. Today, I finished using my May Counterfeit Kit, "Mother May I?"

(cheers! whistles!! high fives all around!!!)

The kit started as such:
Details here
I put it all in a box with pair of scissors, and a tape runner. Shook it vigorously, and poured out these:

The background for the final one was made by cutting one inch strips and covering a 12x12 sheet in a seemingly random order. When DH saw it, his first comment was that the layers of paper are referencing to the layers in the lasagna. Uh-huh! That's what I was going for. That, and next to no bits to add to the scraps box.

What is your best scrap busting tip? Please share. I have four more kits to work through, and I could use your ideas.


  1. oh my gosh! Look at all the ducks!!! And all the layouts! Great job!

  2. Oh, Sherrie - I have missed your scrappy goodness! Be sure you post these to your Flickr so that your other fans can take a peek :~)
    Was it the box, the scissors or the tape runner that were magic?
    Happy banners, happy faces, happy colors do my heart GOOD.
    LOL at the scary carny guy, the delight of all those little duckies, the unseen hose operator & generations of silly smiles! xo

  3. Glad to see you back Sherrie! You have been SORELY missed ;-)

    I can't believe how many layouts you get out of your kits! I know I've said it before but it gets me every time.

    Well, of course, I would recommend that you should just dive into the Whimsical Musings prompts that you missed out on and create to your hearts content. I very often create pages before adding photos so I would just cut and glue and create before searching out the photos but no doubt you have LOADS of summer photos from your time outdoors so maybe that's not your problem.

    And I would open up each kit and take a look at what you have in there. After so long, if there is stuff in there that's not calling you, I'd tidy it back into your stash for now. Only work with what you love!

    Great to have you back!

  4. GREAT scrapping Sherrie! I love the way you've been true to your kit and yet the pages are so varied. I was mojo-less for much of August & September so still have 3 kits on the go. If I get bored with them they go back into my stash or cannibalised for a new kit!

  5. great way to look at it and hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...otherwise you wouldn't be using your stash! You rocked this for sure and did doubles too??!!! Woop woop!

  6. I don't do scrapbooking but I love to see your pages/layouts, they are such an inspiration. Well done, fabulous.

    1. Carol, thank you for your reply. It is most encouraging to hear that non-scrappers enjoy my work also.

  7. wow, what an incredible amount of beautiful and stunning pages from your kit - super proud of you.