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Friday, 27 December 2013

Wrap Up for Fall Back

 "It is never too late or too soon. It is when it is supposed to be." - Mitch Albom, The Time Keeper

Ascribing to this thought, here is the overview of last month's kit.

I so enjoyed my November Counterfeit Kit, Fall Back. It traveled with me to Wednesday afternoon scrapbook club in The ScrapRack TravelPack Tote. The ScrapRack four section system is changing the way I think about my supplies. Previously the question was always, "Where should I put this so I might hopefully remember that I have it" to "Where does it fit in the four section system?"  And that is changing how I assemble the supplies that show up on my pages. When I have completed the reorganization that is underway, it will have a profound effect on the building of CK Challenge kits. The next kit release is January first so I am more than a little excited to get ready for that and jump in, head first.

Back to the November kit. One of the problems I ran into last year was building kits, (which I love. Love LOVE to do) that didn't get used up in their respective month and then they started to pile up.  This resulted in a burden of  "shoulds" Should use them up, Should scrap more. Should be blogging about them. As soon as "should" enters the mindset, her first cousin "guilt" is not far behind. Then I didn't allow myself to build kits. Which was rather like grounding an 8 year old and telling them that they can't go outside and play on a fine summer day.

Thinking about why we do what we do (scrapping in my case) and what we want to get out of it, leads me to think about how my system needs to be altered to create the reality I desire. First change, I will only keep a kit for one month. The process of building it is reward enough. Even if I only get a layout or two from it, when the month ends and it is time to assemble the next kit, current kit is going to be dismantled and returned to the stash.

Ok, NOW back to the November kit. It produced eleven layouts.Some of them require journaling, dates, and tweaking. If you view them in flikr you can read about the details of each layout and you can comment on them too.

And now, despite the kit being very much still intact, it is being dismantled and returned to the main stash and  I can say with a light heart, (no "shoulds" or "guilt") the CKC kit Fall Back is completed.

Now in other news.......I got unexpected happy mail in November from Lisa H.and a lovely card, thanking me for participating in Whimsical Musings 100th challenge. Of course I tucked into all the yummy stuff and pulled it into my November kit right away.

November also delivered an opportunity to create mantel masterpieces and sell them at a family photo night at our friendship center. They are designed to hold a 5x7. Also made decorated frames and bulletin boards.

The sales were very encouraging, as I have never scrapped to sell before. Creating the layouts was easy. Letting them go to their new homes was a bit hard. Good bye, pretty pages.

And just for a little bit, good bye to you, dear reader. Forgive me for a too long blog with too many photos. The volume of  information I wanted to share with you made the task of creating this edition daunting. It kept being put off and the content just keeps on growing. So I will close for now. And soon-ish I will return with scrappy adventures of December.

Thanks for popping 'round. Double thanks for comments.


  1. Your blog is delightful, Sherrie. Thanks for sharing with HBP. - Fawn

  2. Hello, dahling! So nice to hear from you "officially" again! January CKC kit is just around the corner :~D

  3. Just happened to see your link over at Mr Linky and am very happy to have found the time to drop by! Your 11 layouts from the November kit are all delightful and I'm STILL in awe of your output! I am intrigued to hear more aobut your new storage system and was also interested to read your input on the "should" thing of this hobby of ours. It was only yesterday evening as I made up Jan's kit that I realised I have two practically untouched. I thought about dismantling them but will leave them be for now I think. Feb LOAD is just around the corner and my kits are a godsend for that.

    So happy to see that my little parcel arrived safe and sound! Thanks again for joining me - always a delight.

    Hope you had a great Christmas and hope to hear more from you in the weeks to come

  4. Your layouts look great and I love the ones you made to sell. It's always hard to sell anything you make as each one is individual and special and you probably won't make another like it. They do look nice in the picture frames. Note to self for future pictures - Thanks.