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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Good Intentions Realized, part 2

Oh hello sun. I see you are on your way back from your winter holiday. I appreciate being able to drive to and from work, without having to turn on the headlights. Welcome back, my dear old friend.
Good Intentions continues to inspire me to produce layouts. While at the same time I keep thinking about the February Kit and how much I want to build it and work with it. So much inspiration. So little time.

Hello World is a "just woke up" picture of Becky Boo and her favourite toy, "Piggy" Her Momma is working on an album, entirely devoted to the adventures of Becky and Piggy.  This layout used a sheet of frosty vellum over a bold Basic Grey patterned paper to bring the pp down to a supporting role.
Cricut cut frames and letters. Resist inked chip hearts. And almost all the scraps of paper the kit has produced, are used in Together is the Best Place to Be. The photo seems to give emphasis to the words "the" "to" and "be" but irl it is more balanced.
In Us Happy Together, the cardstock was stamped with Memento Tuxedo Brown. The Together banner is the from the cricut cuts. Gold dotted washi is my go-to roll atm. And I just found (and stocked up on) Maya Road paper clips in assorted shapes. Watch for them to pop up on layouts over the next few months. There has been a shift in my methodology. I used to buy and stash, thinking that I might want to use this wonderful product someday. Now, I find I am interested in what's on trend and I don't want to store things. I want to USE them. If not now, then immediately! And while I am at it, might as well use it all up. Then I don't have to store it. Except in albums of finished layouts.
I'll need some tissues close by to tell you about this layout.  Last month at our church crop weekend I found this lovely poem on velum on the swap table. I knew right away that I wanted to get a picture of Grampa Ivan walking with C or B or maybe, both. I thought I could do this around Easter. But God had other plans for our Grampa.and two weeks later, unexpectedly took him home. My first comment on learning of his leaving us was, "I should have taken more pictures!" Alas, it fell on me to find a photo for his memorial card. Hard assignment as Grampa was not the subject of my photography. The grandchildren were. After all, it might have been a bit weird if I was chasing my daughter's father-in-law around with a camera. In almost every snap, the focus is the children and he is a supporting character. Usually looking at the children and smiling. Or looking off to the side. He was a bit camera shy. We did find a few good shots and good, bad, or indifferent, I compiled all the pics I had of him and gave Gramma J a digital frame with the card and two small 4x6 albums with the hard copies. I am surprised at how much I miss him. Thank you Ivan for being such a loving father-in-law to Nadine and amazing grandfather to Cohen and Rebecca.
My Girl is about  making cookies and enjoying them for breakfast. Still need a title and journaling. But hey, there is another Maya Road paper clip!
Turning 2. Lifted sketch idea from a Scrapbook Generation post. Used as much of the kit as I could squeeze on. Result is a layout with flow like a butterfly's journey. Your eye begins at the top left, hovers on the "2" then follows the edge of the circle, down and back up through the photos, over to the right where then you eye progresses through moving along the shape of a cursive, capital L, making a little loop at the end to finish at the bottom right, on a butterfly. How appropriate. 

And so it comes time to say fond farewells to my January Kit. Several of my kind readers have encouraged me to try the "morphing" idea to build the next kit.  Stay tuned. A fresh endeavor is coming soon.

Thanks for dropping by. Double thanks for comments.


  1. Wow, this is quite a productive month of scrapping. I'm especially loving that banner of bits on the one layout - as I have a package of those and need to use them up as well. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Really gorgeous layouts - all very pretty!

  3. Becky Boo is so cute. Lucky you to have such an adorable subject to scrap! Great job to complete so many terrific layouts. My favorite is turning two. The circle die cut is very pretty and goes so nicely with the pictures and other papers.

  4. your layouts are always a joy to come over and see as are all those techniques and thoughts behind the designs you chose. From the butterflies hovering and guiding all over the "2" layout, to the wonderful border across the corner of your layout about Grampa or the vellum softening down the background paper. So much thought and intention is very impressive.

    Glad to hear that you are USING your new finds and with so much success - I need to do a bit more of that although I'm much better than I used to be!

    Hope to see you creating more kits and delighting me/us with your creations. I never fail to miss you when you are not around and am delighted when I see you come back.

    Sending love across the miles...